Adopted Dog Wakes Mom on First Night with New Family, Saves Age 2 Boy's Life


It is a universally acknowledged fact that dogs are too good for us. More than anything else, I think the existence of the dog is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

They’re loyal companions and can instantly lift our moods. When the world is at its most embittered, a cute little smoosh-faced dog chasing a tennis ball can revive our souls.

Dog owners have some of the richest lives for their involvement with their respective puppers. That’s probably why there are so many rescues and foster homes and people generally trying to keep dogs off the streets and in cozy beds with loving families.

Kathy Hines was trying to do just that for a black-and-white pup named Sadie. Sadie’s owner was getting up in years and needed to move.

But she couldn’t take Sadie with her. Many people will point fingers and accuse others of getting rid of their pets for moving and not taking them, but every case is different.

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It’s very likely that Sadie’s former owner was not allowed to take Sadie with her — but regardless, she was doing the right thing by wanting to get her dog a secure new home before moving.

That’s where Kathy Hines stepped in, and for the first two weeks in December, they searched for a worthy family for Sadie.

They found one, and Sadie went to her new home. As you probably know, it takes a while for dogs to adjust to new surroundings.

It can be hard to gauge a dog’s real temperament or character after only a short 24 hours: they haven’t had an opportunity to explore all their surroundings or get comfortable with their family.

But not Sadie. Sadie proved that she was worth her weight in gold on her very first night.

The family that had adopted Sadie had a young 2-year-old son. At some point after he fell asleep, his blood sugar dropped to a very dangerous level.

This sort of thing happens silently, of course, and he could have become unconscious or died if his levels had dropped low enough.

But fortunately for everyone, Sadie was on watch, and nothing was going to get by her. She started barking.

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At first, perhaps her new family was merely disgruntled. It could’ve been easy to chalk up the disturbance to new-dog jitters.

But somehow the boy’s mother responded, realized something was wrong, and got the boy medical assistance — something that would have been impossible if Sadie hadn’t been there that night, or had been adopted later.

This sort of timing sounds nothing short of providential: a series of choices and perfectly timed events that led to a young child being rescued from a potentially fatal bedtime.

Hines referred to these goings-on as “a Christmas miracle,” and we’re inclined to believe that. Sadie was featured on WZZM13’s “One Good Thing,” which broadcasted this dog’s heroic deeds.

The news channel said this is the first time their “One Good Thing” spotlight has featured a canine — but that’s not surprising, because Sadie is One (very) Good Dog.

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