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Adorable Bat Dog Fails Miserably at His 1 Job During Baseball Game


We’ve all seen the zoomies. When dogs suddenly take off, rip-roaring around the house or the yard or wherever they are, with a wild and crazy look in her eye.

There’s not much you can do when your dog decides to go wild. They lose all sense of decency and if they’re a big enough dog and you end up in their trajectory, you’re likely to get mowed down.

It happens to all dogs, even the well-trained ones. They get excited, and then they just can’t help it.

This happens — unfortunately for the handlers — in many off-leash competitions. The dog may have had years of training but in one moment of abandon they toss everything away in order to have a run of their own.

The truth is, dogs are just dogs: they do what they want to do, and they live in the moment. Even if that means taking time to smell the roses or really anything that catches their fancy.

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But as long as they’re having fun, enjoying themselves, and not hurting anyone, does it really matter? It’s a good reminder that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously.

Rookie, a bat-retrieving golden retriever, has been trained for his position. Most of the time, he completes his job flawlessly, but on this particular evening, he decided that a few laps were more important than picking up the bat.

He raced right past the bat, playing catch-me-if-you-can with several of the players on the field before finally heading over to home plate.

Rookie snuffled the bat a bit, looked like he made an attempt to pick it up, but thought better of it in the middle and tore off again. Someone threw the bat to him, and he looked surprised by it, but still didn’t pick it up.

Perhaps he didn’t technically do what he was supposed to, but the result was far more entertaining. And on some level, most people can relate to Rookie. Sometimes you just gotta do your own thing.

Viewers chimed in with lots of hilarious commentaries. “I would watch a 13-part mini series called the adventures of rookie the bat dog and would subscribe to a premium package if I had to,” one confessed.

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“Sadly, after the game, Rookie was relegated to the minors,” another joked.

Rookie’s owner stepped in to vouch for his dog’s (usual) good behavior, saying this was a fluke and usually the golden was a very good boy.

But we think he’s a good boy either way. You do you, Rookie.

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