Age 77 School Janitor Told to Report to Cafeteria, Wipes Tears Over Surprise Waiting


When she was growing up, there wasn’t a lot of money for things like big birthday and Christmas parties. Her dad had been in the military and worked in timber, but times were tough.

Later, her dad developed health issues that left him unable to work, putting the family in more dire straights.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, when Frances Buzzard was growing up, her parents “would get us fruits and nuts when they could afford it” for Christmas.

In fact, only one time had a birthday party for her been attempted, but no one showed up because “it was so icy and cold, nobody came.”

Closing in on 77 years of age, Buzzard had lived her entire life with not a single birthday party to show for it.

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She had started working as a custodian for Belle Elementary and they were immediately taken with her work ethic. She was always busy and even asked to polish things when no one else ever had previously.

School counselor Chelena McCoy revealed, “…this lady is twice our age, but she does three times the work. She’s something else. Everybody just loves her.”

After learning her secret about never having a birthday party, the staff knew they had to do something special for their beloved Miss Frances when her birthday drew near around a year after they hired her.

So, on the schedule it said an assembly was going to be held in the cafeteria — but something else was actually going to take place.

Buzzard assumed there must have been a spill that she needed to help clean up when she was called to the cafeteria. Image her surprise to see, instead of a mess, a room filled with 200 students who suddenly shouted “Surprise!”

Buzzard was taken to the center of the room and seated while a birthday sash and tiara were placed on her. A funny video was shown with pictures of Buzzard photoshopped into historical scenes and treats were provided to all.

They all sang “Happy Birthday” to the astonished custodian, but that wasn’t even the end of the affection they showed her. Many kids were quick to give her a hug before they had to return to class.

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Buzzard was blown away with disbelief and gratitude. She told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that, “It’s a great party! The biggest I’ve ever known.”

Even though her pink tiara was only made from cardboard and glitter, there is no doubt she was queen for a day.

But enjoying the beautiful tribute to her wasn’t the only way she celebrated her birthday. On Facebook, she also thought of others, asking for her birthday for people to donate to a charity that is special to her, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What a kind, generous, hardworking woman. All the best to you, and happy birthday!

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