Freaky: Why You Always Avoid Urban Coyotes


A Huntersville, North Carolina, man had an unsettling encounter with an urban coyote in early February that he’ll likely be talking about for a long time to come.

According to John Schroter’s Facebook post about the incident, Schroter was driving through his neighborhood when he saw a coyote attempting to harm his neighbor’s dogs. He decided to try and scare the animal off, but wisely remained in his car while doing so.

The coyote, its muzzle bloody, retaliated by attacking his car.

See the chilling video below:

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According to Schroter’s subsequent update on Facebook, immediately after the video ended he called 911 and reported the animal’s actions to the police. The department tracked down and killed the animal, which later tested positive for rabies.

Thankfully, Schroter’s quick thinking and decisive actions allowed his neighbor to save her dogs. The pets, he said, were reportedly unharmed by the incident.

Urban coyotes have long been a fixture in large cities around the United States. Although it is rare that they go after pets, it is not unheard of.

According to Lynda Bloeser, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, a coyote once scaled a 7-foot wall to attack and killed her pet terrier, Muggsie, when she lived in Scottsdale.

Have you ever encountered an urban coyote?

“I heard this horrible screaming and I could tell right away that she was caught and screaming for her life and it was horrifying,” Bloeser said, as reported by 12 News. “I ran outside and saw the coyote run off.”

“It was 12 years ago, but honestly I could cry about it again right now,” she added. “I felt like I had let her down, because I left that dog door open and I had so much guilt.”

According to the Arizona Game & Fish Department, if you ever encounter an urban coyote, you should never approach the animal.

Instead, you should show your dominance by making eye contact, make loud noises to scare the animal away, spray the coyote with water from a hose, if one is handy, or throw rocks to encourage it to leave. Above all, do not run or allow pets or small children to run away, as doing so stimulates a coyote’s instinct to chase.

Arizona Game & Fish adds that rabid coyotes are extremely rare, a statement John Schroter can now dispute.

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Had he left his car that fateful night, he may have had much more terrifying experience and likely an unpleasant trip to the emergency room to boot.

Thankfully, his common sense prevailed, and the animal was tracked and put down before it could harm anyone.

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