ISIS Fighter Admits Trump Was Right About Incoming Refugees


A Syrian migrant revealed to be an operative for the Islamic State group has admitted he was told by his terrorist superiors to disguise himself as a refugee in order to gain entrance into Germany, according to Breitbart News.

The man, identified by German authorities as Mohamed A., age 27, is currently on trial in Germany, along with two compatriots.

The three were arrested based on testimony from a Lebanese witness, according to a translation of an article at German news site Suddeutsche Zeitung.

And while the evidence against the three appeared to be thin, Mohamed A. surprised the court with a frank confession.

“Yes, he had been sent by the IS. For three months he trained at the IS in Raqqa, he was trained on four different weapons. An IS man took his passport photo and [the operative] was given $1,500 for the trip. For financial reasons in particular, he had in the summer of 2015 [gone] from the Free Syrian Army over to the terrorist militia,” Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

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Mohamed A. testified that he was told that he should go to Germany and apply for asylum. As soon as he had a residence permit, he should get in touch with other Islamic State group members for further instructions.

However, those instructions never came due to heavy police monitoring of Mohamed and his associates.

It has long been suspected that Islamic State goup terrorists have attempted to infiltrate European countries by posing as refugees.

As Breitbart reported, “The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) released a report in late 2016 claiming that hundreds of jihadists have come to Europe disguised as refugees, and last year the Heritage Foundation released a report showing that asylum seekers made up 54 percent of the suspects in terror plots uncovered in Germany.”

Do you think that ISIS terrorists pose as refugees to infiltrate other countries?

Just days ago another “refugee,” an Iraqi teen living in Germany, was arrested after allegedly contacting senior Itslamic State group officials.

According to Fox News, “The Iraqi, who came to Germany in 2015 as a refugee, was suspected of preparing an attack, and allegedly obtained instructions for building an explosive device using a remote-controlled car.”

Nor are Islamic State group terrorists the only ones taking advantage of the flood of migrants.

As Conservative Tribune reported in 2017, the infamous Pakistani Butcher was apprehended while trying to escape into Hungary while posing as a refugee.

This type of scenario is precisely what President Donald Trump has aimed to prevent with his “travel bans” and extreme vetting of migrants and refugees hoping to enter the United States.

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Time has only served to prove his concerns correct, and this would-be Islamic State group terrorist’s testimony confirms it as well.

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