Armed Felon Makes Catastrophic Mistake After Pulling His Weapon On Concealed-Carry American


Criminals often think that a gun gives them the power to oppress others — and in most places around the world, they’re right.

America, as one thug in Florida just found out, is different. A convicted felon discovered the Second Amendment levels the playing field, and some “victims” fight back.

According to WFTX-TV, Cape Coral resident Kevin Bruzos threatened two people with a gun at a local business, but wasn’t expecting one of those people to be a legally-armed citizen.

Bruzos was already a known criminal, which means he was carrying the gun illegally. So much for felons following the law.

“Cape Coral Police say Kevin Bruzos, a convicted felon, had threatened a person with a firearm. Bruzos left, then returned and threatened the same person with the firearm again as well as a second person who was legally licensed to carry a concealed firearm,” WFTX reported.

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That lawfully armed citizen gave Bruzos a warning and a chance to surrender unharmed.

“The concealed carry permitted person ordered Bruzos to drop his gun. Bruzos did not drop it and instead aimed it at the permitted person,” the news station reported.

That’s when the concealed carry holder fired in self defense. The criminal was hit, but survived.

Bruzos is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, WFTX said.

Should the media do a better job of reporting lawful defensive gun use?

“The concealed carry permit holder who was threatened by Bruzos and shot him in self-defense is not facing any charges,” the report said.

Incidents like this are much more common than anti-gun liberals or the mainstream media seems to believe. There are several important takeaways from this story.

The first is that criminals don’t respect the law. This seems obvious, yet the left frequently acts as if more redundant gun laws would stop crime.

In this case, Bruzos was already disqualified from possessing a handgun, and almost certainly knew it. “According to court records, Bruzos was previously convicted of third-degree battery, drug possession and criminal mischief,” the News-Press newspaper reported.

Another important lesson is that armed citizens can definitely deter crime, and even save lives. What would have happened if the people being threatened by a known felon had no way to defend themselves?

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The full details of this incident are still under wraps, but it’s likely that a robbery or even a murder could have occurred if the armed citizen didn’t intervene.

When anti-gun advocates use scare tactics and try to make firearms look evil, remember the other half of the story they’re leaving out: Good people use guns in self defense, and taking away that right while leaving criminals untouched is not the answer for America.

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