After Austin Bombings, 1 Tweet from Restaurant Sends Loud and Clear Message to all Officers


Within the last month, five explosions in the Austin, Texas, area have left a total of five injured and two dead.

On March 2 and 12, three packages left on doorsteps exploded when the recipients opened them, launching an unsettling investigation to find the source of the bombs.

A tripwire triggered a fourth bomb, injuring two men walking in the area. The fifth bomb exploded at a FedEx sorting facility. A sixth, unexploded bomb, was also found at another FedEx location.

An online search for ‘exotic’ batteries ultimately led a team of nearly 500 authorities working to find the bomber to the home of Mark Anthony Conditt, 23.

Authorities uncovered one room of Conditt’s home filled with “components” and “similar explosive materials” to the exploded bombs.

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An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday night as authorities worked around the clock to track him down.

A trail of FedEx receipts, witness sketches, internet searches, and surveillance video quickly led the FBI to Conditt’s location at a hotel 20 miles north of Austin.

Wednesday morning, Conditt got in his car and drove off, and authorities soon followed.

He soon pulled off into a ditch, and as he was being surrounded, he detonated a bomb inside his car, killing himself and injuring a SWAT officer.

Today, a local Austin restaurant took to Twitter with a message for the officers that worked to track down the bomber.

As their way of saying ‘thanks,’ Iron Works Barbeque decided to offer free lunch to any on-duty police officers, FBI and ATF agents.

“As a big thank you to our @Austin_Police, @chief_manley, @MayorAdler, @FBI @FBISanAntonio @ATFHQ Iron Works Barbecue is offering FREE LUNCH TODAY to ANY and ALL on duty Police Officers, FBI and ATF Agents today,” the tweet said. “We are proud of you, and THANK YOU.”

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All the brave men and women who had a hand in stopping the Austin bombings absolutely deserve every ounce of thanks for keeping us all safe.

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