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In a Battleground of Venom-Laced Words, Breathe & Remember That You Are Loved by God


The internet can be a messy battleground of venom-laced words, traumatic images and Bible verses wielded as weapons to wound …

… and if you find yourself overwhelmed by it all, or maybe even worse — numb to it all — it’s okay to step back and breathe and remember you are loved by God.

You aren’t enslaved to a never-ending negative news cycle.

You are a free person because of this Good News: Jesus loves every last one of us.

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If you’ve been triggered, traumatized and shamed because of your second cousin’s ex-girlfriend’s grandmother’s post, wondering if God could ever love a person like you, here’s the sign you’ve been looking for:


The essence of his nature is to love, not condemn. His posture toward you is kind, not accusatory.

He loves you deeper than ocean trenches and higher than galaxies a billion lightyears away.

And maybe, just maybe, there’s a wounded heart out there who needs to be told she matters even though the internet is outraged.

A broken heart who needs to know God is not disappointed in her.

A shamed heart who needs to be reminded there’s a God who calls her worthy.

Maybe you need to know this simple truth that keeps the world spinning: God is enthralled with you and he’s really, really proud to be your dad.

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