Only In The Bayou: This Gender Reveal Involves Dad-To-Be Messing With A Gator


People love to celebrate. We love to recognize milestones and invent new milestones to recognize.

We’ve created holidays in the dead of dreary seasons to keep our spirits up, and every year someone comes up with a new reason to celebrate.

What’s not to like? Any reason to gather with close friends and family and eat delicious food is a good idea in my book.

That’s probably part of why gender reveal parties have become popular for expecting parents. This is a fairly recent possibility, since it really wasn’t too long ago that the gender reveal and birth were the same event.

But with ultrasounds, we’re now able to tell if it’s a boy or girl being brought into the world, and many people have taken the chance to turn the reveal into a party.

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Of course, what has now happened is that it’s cliche to just pop a balloon or slice open a cake — everyone does that. People have started to come up with more and more creative ways to showcase an explosion of blue or pink.

The Kliebert family had something a little more … unique in mind. In the video posted on Facebook by the expectant grandmother, you can see a crowd gathering around a rather large critter.

The father, Mike Kliebert, touches the alligator a few times before tossing it a watermelon filled with colored jelly.

Watermelons are often given to alligators to demonstrate how powerful their jaws are, so it’s not unheard of for Kliebert to use a watermelon in this case.

The alligator chomps down, destroying the watermelon and sending blue jelly everywhere. It’s a boy — the news is straight from the alligator’s mouth!

The man then turns and hugs his wife as the alligator tests and then spits out the watermelon rind. She was probably disappointed it wasn’t something tastier.

This video — understandably — has concerned many viewers. It looks like some random dude found a random alligator, lured it to his yard around a bunch of people, and then recklessly started teasing it.

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At one point, there’s even a child rolling on the grass a little too close, and the alligator turns and moves toward him. At that point, the dad pins it and another man helps out, too.

If this were just any old person being an idiot and using a wild animal in a poorly thought out stunt, it would be much worse. But what the video does not tell you is that the dad actually runs an alligator farm.

Kliebert’s Swamp in Louisiana boasts over 300 alligators, and the one featured in the video is named Sally. Kliebert himself is a trainer, and he had at least 12 other workers there with him to help if the situation warranted it.

Animals that large are never 100% safe because animals in general (and people too) are not always trustworthy, but after being around gators most of his life, it probably seemed ridiculous not to incorporate them somehow.

Regardless of whether or not you would want to participate in a gender reveal like this one, there’s no denying that it was certainly not your average party.

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