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Ben Shapiro Nails Exactly Why CNN's Anti-Gun Town Hall Will Backfire in a Huge Way

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In a series of tweets, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro explained why CNN’s Wednesday night town hall is not going to have the effect desired by gun control advocates.

During the event, student survivors of last week’s Florida school shooting had plenty of questions for Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch, both of whom were in attendance.

Though Shapiro saw the town hall as nothing more than a “show trial on behalf of full gun bans,” he doesn’t believe things are going to play out “the way gun control advocates think.”

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that some readers may find offensive.

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The conservative commentator specifically referenced a part in the event where the crowd erupted into applause when Rubio indicated that in order to successfully implement a ban on assault weapons, “you would literally have to ban every semi-automatic rifle that’s sold in the U.S.”

Though such a policy pleased those attending the town hall, Shapiro pointed out that it’s not a particularly great idea from a political standpoint.

“Wild cheering for banning/confiscating every semi-automatic weapon in America may be good for ratings, but it’s crappy politics, which is why no mainstream Democrat has ever had the balls to suggest it,” Shapiro wrote.

Are you concerned about a ban on all semi-automatic weapons in the U.S.?

Shapiro wasn’t done. He dared Democrats to ban all semi-automatic weapons and see how voters respond come Election Day.

“So do it. Do it, Democrats,” he said. “Propose full repeal of the Second Amendment and see how that plays at the polls. I dare you.”

Later on in the town hall, Shapiro took things further, blasting the event as “deranged nonsense” that will do nothing but cause gun sales to go up. “There is no shot that the policies for which the crowd cheers ever come close to becoming reality,” he wrote.

“All that’s happening is the ongoing demonization of those who disagree with unrealistic, vague and evidenceless anti-gun buzzwords,” he added.

Shapiro doesn’t think a ban on guns will solve the issue of mass shootings, but in a Wednesday op-ed, the editor in chief of The Daily Wire put forward several ideas that might actually work.

“We can insist that our law enforcement agencies actually enforce the law,” he wrote, pointing out that the FBI had received prior warnings about the suspected Florida shooter, but did nothing.

Moreover, “we should ensure more transparency in the background-check system with regard to mental health records, and we should look to ease the regulations on involuntary commitment of the dangerously mentally ill,” Shapiro wrote.

Finally, he wrote that “we should also radically increase security in schools.”

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