Biden Admin Has Flown 7,200 Illegal Aliens Into US Without Requiring ID or Negative COVID Test: Report


The Biden administration has packed roughly 7,200 illegal aliens onto commercial airplanes in recent months, requiring those who broke the law to enter the country neither a negative COVID test, or a valid I.D., according to reports.

Republican Rep. August Pfluger of Texas shared the shocking claim in a tweet posted on Thursday.

“Just in the last 3 months, TSA has flown over 7,200 illegal migrants on commercial airlines without photo ID’s or a negative COVID test,” Pfluger claimed. The Biden Admin is knowingly endangering the lives of American citizens.”

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Breitbart News, in a report which claimed to confirm Pfluger’s statement, reported that the Transportation Safety Administration transported the roughly 7,200 illegal immigrants from February until just last week.

“Those 7,200 border crossers put on flights at 10 U.S. border airports by the Biden administration were allowed to bypass photo identification requirements, the standard rules all American citizens are required to abide by,” Breitbart’s John Binder reported. “Likewise, the border crossers are not required to show proof of a negative coronavirus test despite the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently confirming that border crossers in their custody are testing positive for coronavirus.”

The New York Times reported that some illegal migrants are skipping quarantine protocols, is some cases where they might be actively infected with COVID, prior to travel.

“More than 170,000 migrants crossed the border in March — many coming from countries still grappling with high infection rates — but the Border Patrol is conducting no testing for the coronavirus during the several days that the newly arrived migrants are in U.S. custody except in cases where migrants show obvious symptoms,” the reporting stated

Do you think the Biden administration is putting Americans last?

Illegal immigrants are then reportedly transported away from the border and, in some cases, quickly board airplanes.

“Migrants who have a positive result are transferred to a shelter operated by the city. Others spend a night or two at the respite center and then board planes or buses to their destinations around the United States,” the report stated.

“Some of them could well have infections contracted in Border Patrol facilities that did not register on tests during the brief time they spent at the respite center, immigrant advocates warned, and could unknowingly expose others as they travel to join friends and family elsewhere in the country,” the reporting added.

The Western Journal has not independently verified reporting from Binder or the Times, nor Pfluger’s claims. But if true, they go beyond making a mockery of our immigration laws. The reports show that President Joe Biden’s administration might be flouting federal air travel laws and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The reporting is a slap in the face to every American who follows the rules, attempts to keep up with the federal government’s wacky COVID rules, and who trusts that same government to keep them safe.

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Additionally, Whatever happened to so-called “super spreader” events that the mainstream media selectively went so nuts about? Remember when Democrats, the mainstream media and Dr. Anthony Fauci threw a hissy fit last year when mostly masked people attended an outdoor event at the White House Rose Garden for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett?

Neither do they.

The reporting about the Biden administration’s dangerous and illegal policy to ship migrants potentially infected with the coronavirus into the American interior has elicited no outcry from Democratic lawmakers. Most of the leftist mainstream media is also ignoring the reporting.

Meanwhile, if your two-year-old lets their mask slip off during a domestic flight, you face being expelled. Never mind the fact that you couldn’t board that flight to begin with without an I.D.

Democrats at this point are affording more liberties to illegal aliens than they are American citizens. Don’t expect them to stop, either.

Despite a public health crisis which Biden and Democrats pretend to be so anxious about, their chief concern seems to be with ensuring those who are in violation of immigration laws are able to seamlessly transition into life in a community near you.

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