Biden Admin Sends Note to Thousands of Americans Stuck in Afghanistan: We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety


The Biden administration has informed Americans stuck in Afghanistan amid President Joe Biden’s botched exit from the country that the U.S. government cannot ensure they will get out of the country safely.

As if seeing Afghans fall from airplanes, people hanged in Kabul and the city’s airport turned into a stampede hasn’t been distressing enough, the federal government on Tuesday told U.S. citizens in that country that they’re essentially on their own when facing Taliban terrorists.

CBS News producer Sara Cook posted a note on Twitter that she said was sent to as many as 15,000 Americans stuck in Afghanistan telling them that they need to head to the airport in Kabul for a flight out.

The memo said the U.S. military cannot guarantee they will make it there.

“A congressional aide tells @CBSNews we have no partners left in Afghanistan to safely get Americans in-country to Kabul. ‘There are 10-15k AmCits who still need to get out, and that obviously doesn’t include the tens of thousands of SIVs or P2 applicants trying to get out of [Afghanistan],” Cook tweeted.

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In a follow-up tweet, she shared the memo.

“To American Citizens,” the memo began. “Thank you for registering your request to be evacuated from Afghanistan. The U.S. embassy in Afghanistan has confirmed that an undefined number of U.S. government-provided flights will begin soon.

Do you think Biden should resign?

“Please make your way to Hamid Karzai International Airport at this time.”


Where are all of those thousands of Americans? Who is going to answer for this disaster?

Sadly, with a situation such as this, it seems likely that some Americans will fall through the cracks. Would such a tragedy be former President Donald Trump’s fault? We could only assume the White House would say so.

The federal government should have just told people in harm’s way that the Biden Pentagon wasn’t prepared for this moment because its leaders were too busy over the past year worrying about Marxist critical race theory and studying “white rage.”

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The U.S. military no longer can ensure that thousands of Americans are safe from people who live in caves.

The Afghanistan debacle gets worse every single day, and every single day, the ineffectual Biden remains in hiding at Camp David in Maryland. It’s honestly surprising that the memo didn’t inform Americans left out to dry by his poorly planned Afghan exit and running from Islamist fanatics that they need proof of vaccination in order to be rescued.

Reminder: At this very moment, scores of illegal aliens are entering this country across the U.S. border with Mexico. How is the government responding? It’s ensuring that those people are not called “aliens.”

Thus far under Biden’s watch, it seems the only people who can’t get into the country are Cubans running from communism and Americans who went to work in Afghanistan.

Biden ensured the system failed them. He destroys everything he touches.

He should resign, effective yesterday.

Anyone who has paid attention to his failed five decades in public life shouldn’t be surprised by any of the events of the last week, but somehow, it’s still shocking.

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