Biden Declares Black Entrepreneurs Have 'Great Ideas' But Don't Have Lawyers or Accountants


It’s no secret President Joe Biden doesn’t have a great deal of faith in the capabilities of black Americans.

We know he and many Democrats don’t think that the country’s black voters are even capable of obtaining government-issued photo IDs. But according to the president, black Americans are also not privileged to the services of attorneys and accountants.

He said as much in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday while delivering a divisive speech to commemorate the centennial of the destruction of the city’s once-black-owned Greenwood district during a day of racial violence in 1921. While lamenting the 1921 destruction of what was once known as “Black Wall Street,” he announced that his administration intends to help out black businesses.

He also said something strikingly racist, but par for the course.

“The data shows young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are. But they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have — they don’t have accountants. But they have great ideas,” Biden said.

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“Does anyone doubt this whole nation would be better off from the investments those people make? And I promise you, that’s why I set up the National Small Business administration that’s much broader, cause they’re gonna get those loans.”

Non-prejudiced people know that America’s business savvy black entrepreneurs are capable of succeeding in any environment. Motivated people of all colors and creeds will prevail. That’s the essence of capitalism and the human spirit. It’s to thrive against the odds.

Do you think Biden holds prejudicial feelings toward minorities deep down?

Despite Biden’s opinion on the matter, some black Americans go to law school and pass the bar exam. Others become CPAs. Some black entrepreneurs are also not discriminatory with regard to hiring lawyers and accountants.

Not everyone looks at skin color, so certainly black businesses use both black and white attorneys and bookkeepers, and vice versa.

Biden’s “black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding … as white entrepreneurs are” sounded an awful lot like another statement the Democrat made which was dismissive of black America.

“We should challenge students in these schools,” Biden said while on the stump in August of 2019. “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it.”

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” Biden assured, assigning all “poor kids” as being minorities.

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Biden faced some minor pushback online over his absurdly prejudicial comments in Oklahoma on Tuesday. But he’s more or less being given a pass by the Democrat-allied establishment media. No surprise there.

But no amount of media cover can hide what Biden really thinks from people who are paying attention. The country’s Democratic president doesn’t believe black America can succeed. He doesn’t think black America is smart enough to excel.

If Biden had only made one statement in his life that could have been construed as insensitive toward minority Americans, it very well could be written off as an outlier. Biden is, after all, 78 years old and from a different era.

But Biden has made a habit of making disparaging remarks about the intellectual aptitude and abilities of America’s hardworking black citizens. It’s almost as if the man harbors some sort of prejudicial feelings toward those who don’t look like him.

If Biden weren’t a Democrat, you’d almost be under the impression he was a racist. We of course know, thanks to years of programming from the mainstream media, that one cannot be both a Democrat and a racist. Only a president who can bring minority unemployment to record low levels can be a racist, right?

Therein lies a serious question about former President Donald Trump’s pro-minority business policies after Tuesday.

Who did those hardworking back Americans turn to for legal and financial advice, now that Biden has informed us there are no lawyers or accountants willing to serve black America?

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