Biden's Ex-Chief of Staff Has Meltdown on Camera, But It Gets Worse After He Holds Up Rock


It seems that President Joe Biden and members of his administration can’t make it through a single public appearance without doing or saying something that makes themselves and the country look silly and weak.

Another such moment took place on Wednesday when Biden’s outgoing chief of staff Ron Klain gave his farewell address at the White House.

Klain is being replaced by Jeff Zients, who formerly headed the administration’s COVID-19 response.

At one point in the speech, Klain broke down as he recalled the time a White House staffer gave him a small rock, saying it was the “best souvenir I got in two years as White House chief of staff.”

“It’s always symbolized to me the fact that this team has been rock-solid,” Klain said between sobs.

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Naturally, many people found this display quite pathetic. Some wondered if it was a joke.

One Twitter user put it bluntly: “What an embarrassment!”

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Frankly, there is no better way to say it. This spectacle was downright embarrassing for both the Biden administration and the country and signaled to other nations that the United States has weak leadership.

Is it any wonder that foreign adversaries like Russia and China are beginning to act more aggressively when they see prominent White House staffers publicly breaking down like this?

Also, contrary to Klain’s claim, the Biden administration is certainly not “rock-solid.” If that were the case, why are so many high-level staffers quitting?

Once again, we are reminded that our current administration is silly and weak, which badly damages America’s image on the international scene.

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