As BLM Collapses, What Could Be Left Standing Will Make the Scam Clear to Everyone


After years of making life miserable for the American people, it seems as if Black Lives Matter may finally be in its last days.

That’s right, the radical Marxist group whose racially divisive narrative led to violent riots in cities across America might at last die out, and leave ordinary Americans in peace.

Earlier this week, a leaked federal tax return for the Black Lives Matter Global Network foundation showed that the organization had only managed to bring in $9,268,283 during the 2021-2022 tax year. That compares to $76,872,002 in the 2020-2021 tax year, when American cities burned in Black Lives Matter-inspired protests.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the group was forced to turn close its “online fundraising streams” in February 2022 because of compliance and transparency issues.

In addition, according to the Free Beacon, while the donations dried up and the cash dwindled, the organization continued to spend more and more money on contractors, which were linked to the family and friends of Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the organization’s former executive director.

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For the 2021-22 year, Black Lives Matter spent $17,048,810, giving it a net loss on the year of $8,559,748. According to the tax return, published by the Free Beacon, Black Lives Matter had roughly $30 million in assets at the end of the 2021-22 reporting year, but it lost $11.7 million in assets in the course of the year.

The fact that the money is apparently being used to fill the pockets of Khan-Cullors’ close friends, as the Free Beacon reported, has resulted in serious legal problems for the organization, which could result in the final financial collapse of the organization.

So yes, Americans might finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief at the possibility that the organization that terrorized the nation while getting sympathetic coverage from the establishment media and leftist politicians will not be around much longer.

But while the collapse of Black Lives Matter would mean that its pushing of radical leftist narratives as well as outright Marxism may go away, there is one thing that will not disappear — the high-end real estate and other trappings of wealth that have been acquired by the leaders of the movement over their careers in activism.

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Black Lives Matter presents itself as an organization dedicated to helping to improve the lives of black Americans in the face of the “systemic racism” that activists claim exists in American society.

The money donated to the organization is therefore supposed to go toward that goal, but that is apparently not what has happened here. Instead, much of the money has been used for the benefit of the executives of the organization, their friends and relatives, according to the Free Beacon.

In addition to allegedly using the money from the organization to fill the pockets of her friends and family members, Khan-Cullors, who likes the brag that she is a “trained Marxist,” is the kind of Marxist who has a portfolio of expensive real estate purchases, including a $1.4 million mansion in California, as the New York Post reported in April 2021.

In a follow-up article, the Post reported that Khan-Cullors denied the money came from the Black Lives Matter Global Networks Foundation, an official non-profit entity.

While she defended the right of organizers of movements like Black Lives Matter to receive a salary, according to the Post, she maintained she had revenue streams independent of the organization, including book sales, a “YouTube deal” and her work as a college professor and TV producer.

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“All of my income comes directly from the work that I do,” she told TV host Mark Lamont Hill, according to the Post.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has also found itself in legal trouble previously after it was found to have misappropriated donations to pay for a $6 million mansion.

Don’t expect any of that to change, despite the fluctuating financial fortunes of Black Lives Matter — the organization and the movement.

The fact of the matter is, Black Lives Matter was never about helping black people. It was a scam, pure and simple.

Its only reason for existing was so that Khan-Cullors and the other leaders of the organization could acquire millions of dollars in personal wealth while grifting on a racial grievance narrative.

And when it all collapses, what’s likely to be left standing in the rubble — well-off Marxists with million-dollar homes, friends and family who’ve done well by doing what they call “good” — will reveal the scam to everyone.

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