Black Lives Matter Foundation Funneled Donations Into $6 Million Luxury House


A bombshell new report implicates the leaders of the largest Black Lives Matter charity organization, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, of funneling $6 million in donations for a luxury house in southern California.

Journalist Sean Campbell paints a picture of mismanagement, shaky financial ethics and blurred lines between personal and charity use of the property in the story, published in New York Magazine.

Campbell describes a property with more than six bedrooms and bathrooms, parking for 20 cars, multiple fireplaces, a soundstage and a pool.

The house, identified as “Campus” by leaders of the troubled charity, was used as a “housing and studio space” for recipients of grant programs from the group, according to Shalomyah Bowers, a BLMGNF board member.

When Campbell questioned leaders of BLMGNF on the house, they circulated an internal memo with the hopes of discrediting scrutiny of the purchase.

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The group’s staffers sought to “deflate ownership of the property” in advance of Campbell’s reporting.

BLM leaders originally maintained that the house was intended as a creative venue — despite the secrecy of its existence and a lack of content created at the property.

They later described the property as a “safehouse” intended for leaders of the organization who faced alleged violent threats.

The differing uses contradict one another, as it wouldn’t make sense to use a property featured in public creative materials as a secure location.

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In subsequent statements, BLMGNF claimed they’d always intended to disclose the purchase of the house in May financial filings, nearly a year and a half after the property was purchased in October 2020.

In response to Campbell’s reporting on BLMGNF’s financial discrepancies, Bowers directed a private investigator to dig into the journalist’s activities in a BLMGNF “security” chat group.

Bowers also used the organization’s influence to secure Facebook censorship of articles detailing the corrupt self-enrichment on the part of the groups’ leaders.

BLMGNF lobbied Facebook to spike any sharing of a New York Post article detailing the real estate empire of its Marxist co-founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

BLMGNF was awarded tax-exempt status from the IRS in December 2020, just months after the purchase of the secret house.

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In February 2021, the group claimed to have received $90 million in donations since filing as a charity, failing to mention the purchase of the house yet again.

The organization has since faced scrutiny from the California Attorney General, who told the group’s leaders its financial disclosures were delinquent.

The group no longer accepts donations on its website.

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