Bob Ehrlich: The Media Will Keep Blaming Everything on Trump Until Normal Americans Say 'Enough!'


My April 5 column argued that three seminal events (COVID-19, George Floyd and Jan. 6) formed the predicate for what can fairly be described as our ongoing cultural revolution.

My thesis did not cover new ground but rather sought to add context as to why things have gone so offline so rapidly.

To wit, how these momentous events lent such energy to three of the left’s favorite narratives: (1) the need for an extensive (federal) government overreach in our daily lives; (2) the need to rein in the alleged epidemic of police violence against minority communities; and (3) the need to combat the undercurrent of white supremacy, perceived especially throughout red America.

As a result, we are daily confronted with a woke campaign of words and actions executed by enabled elites such as campus intellectuals, the mainstream media, Hollywood, Big Tech and (most recently) corporate America.

Its reach is accordingly wide and deep — and unimaginable only 18 short months ago.

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Think about that last statement. America circa 2019 would never have accepted replacing police with social workers or allowed criminals to take over entire city blocks or acquiesced to authoritarian lockdowns of schools and businesses far beyond what science dictated or indulged the revisitation of both the First and Second Amendments or agreed to gender-bending elementary school sex instruction or supported an immigration policy that borders on borderlessness or bought into the notion that requiring photo identification in order to cast a vote was somehow racist.

That the average American is daily force-fed this program is bad enough, but a recent CNN (who else?) story reminded me that the daily shock-and-awe campaign is not just about transforming America into a progressive wonderland.

The report at issue had former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (who else?) opining without evidence how the April 2 deadly attack on Capitol Hill was “one of the results” of the Jan. 6 riot.

Yep, CNN’s intrepid contributor saw the vehicular (and knife) attack on Capitol Hill Police Officer William Evans by an admitted devotee of the Nation of Islam as but the latest follow-on chapter in a grievance campaign against the government.

Do you think the establishment media is still attacking Trump?

Ludicrous, yes, but you best get familiar with the all-encompassing progressive narrative that any attack on federal property is a function of Jan. 6 (unless of course the issue is antifa attacks on federal courthouses in Portland, which seemingly do not count).

And there you have it. Three compelling Trump-era events that have unleashed deliberate narratives aimed at the very foundation of America — narratives that at their core speak to the undermining of our Founders, our principles, our culture, our country.

At the end of the day, all the issues and all the events and all the derived narratives come together in one common takeaway: Never again Trump; never again “America First”; never again flyover deplorables dictating to the elites what is in the best interests of the good ole U.S.A.

Such batting practice on all things Trump will continue unimpeded until a silent majority of everyday Americans decides that the “new normal” is not normal at all.

That the dismantling of police departments leads to the murder of innocents and chaos in the streets.

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That lawlessness in our largest cities and at the southern border is inexcusable and will no longer be countenanced.

That woke social media campaigns will no longer be allowed to disparage our values and history.

And that a flawed America nevertheless remains the last best hope of free people around the world.

Until then, look for ever more separation between reality and the media’s narratives — all dressed up and sold as real news.

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Robert Ehrlich is a former governor of Maryland as well as a former U.S. congressman and state legislator. He is the author of “Bet You Didn’t See That One Coming: Obama, Trump, and the End of Washington’s Regular Order,” in addition to “Turn This Car Around,” “America: Hope for Change" and “Turning Point.” Ehrlich is currently a counsel at the firm of King & Spalding in Washington, D.C.