Booker Excludes Men as Possible Running Mates Because ... Diversity

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After a solid performance at the first Democratic presidential primary debate, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker appeared in a post-debate interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to discuss what an optimal Democratic ticket would look like.

When Matthews asked if Booker would consider being Joe Biden’s running mate should the former vice president win the nomination, Booker pivoted, saying he would not allow a male vice president on his own ticket, according to Politico.

“I would accept Joe Biden being my vice president,” Booker responded, adding: “I would not accept it if a male offered me because we should have a female vice president.”

In other words, Booker is fine with being president of an all-male ticket, but will not allow an all-male ticket if he’s the vice presidential candidate?

Ok then.

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Later in the interview, Booker doubled down on his vision of presidential diversity and denounced an all-white presidential ticket, saying, “There should be diversity. There should be diversity on the ticket.”

The exchange drew some heat on Twitter, with one user calling Booker a “pandering moron.”

Another person applauded Booker’s performance in the debate, but criticized his absurd comments to Matthews, commenting that “Booker was doing well until his interview with Chris Matthews.”

Yet another user suggested an all-female ticket, saying, “Booker, in an interview just now with Chris Matthews, said that from now on, presidential tickets need to be balanced, as in male/female and for ethnic diversity. I’dagree with that, except just this once I’ll take Warren/Harris, please.”

In an effort to win voters by appealing to race and gender, Democrats do not appear to have a consistent plan of action.

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Despite the continued outcry from the left about electing “old, white men,” the two most likely candidates to secure the Democratic nomination happen to both be white men over 75 years old. It’s not a good look for a party that demands diversity.

Forget policy positions, experience or skills — it’s all about skin color and gender for the Democrats.

Should race and gender be considerations for a presidential ticket?

However, Booker seems to acknowledge that his status as a “privileged” male supersedes his status as a black “victim,” so he apparently believes it will all even out by selecting a female vice-president should he win the nomination.

There used to be a time when political parties would select their candidates by their ability to lead well and govern justly, not by their victim status on the intersectionality index.

Contrary to what liberals would have you believe, a majority of Americans have zero issue with black or female candidates. Unlike the Democrats, however, they’re also looking for the qualifications needed to lead the greatest country on the planet.

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