Breaking: Trump Flips the Script on Media's Narrative on 'Send Her Back'

Flipping the script on the establishment media’s narrative, President Donald Trump on Thursday disavowed a phrase his supporters chanted during his rally the previous night in North Carolina.

As Trump was speaking about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — one of four members of the so-called progressive “squad” the president has been feuding with this week — rally-goers started chanting, “Send her back.”

Omar, a Muslim-American, came to the United States as a child from Somalia and later became a U.S. citizen.

Speaking to reporters Thursday in the White House, Trump said he disagrees with the “Send her back” chant.

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When asked why he didn’t stop the crowd from chanting, Trump said, according to the White House media pool report: “I think I did – I started speaking very quickly.”

“I was not happy with it,” the president added. “I disagree with it.”

Trump was also asked why he thought his supporters started the chant in the first place.

“I would suggest you go there, you go to North Carolina, and you ask the people why they did that,” Trump responded, according to Roll Call.

Do you believe Trump is a racist?

Trump deserves credit for his reaction to this controversy.

By rejecting the chants, the president has managed to reset the establishment media’s narrative.

Those in the media must now try to convince America that Trump is lying about not being a racist.

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And that, of course, is ridiculous. While it’s true that the president — in a series of tweets Sunday — encouraged Omar and company to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” he was not saying they should be deported.

He was simply saying that if those liberal lawmakers don’t appreciate the freedoms and prosperity they can enjoy in the U.S., then they are more than welcome to leave.

And in his latest remarks, Trump reaffirmed that he doesn’t want those congresswomen to be deported.

Trump is forcing the media to claim that he’s lying about being a racist, which he’s not.

When will they learn that calling Trump a “racist,” or saying he’s lying about being one, simply won’t work?

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