Celeb Trashes Jury Trials, Appears to Want Chauvin Convicted Without Trial


Leftist Hollywood TV star Chelsea Handler has called for Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop accused of murdering George Floyd, to be convicted without a trial.

As the Chauvin trial was underway on Tuesday, Handler, 46, opined that since video appears to show the former cop with his knee on Floyd’s neck last May 25 for an extended period of time, he should simply be convicted. She made no mention of a toxicology report which jurors will hear and mull over as they later deliberate.

“So pathetic that there is a trial to prove that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd when there is video of him doing so,” the TV host and social media nudist wrote.

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Not that a video has never not been conclusive to the large picture. Handler has seen enough regarding the trial of the year and is willing to throw away centuries of legal precedent and revert to a draconian justice system where people are tried by street mobs. If you’ve followed Handler’s radicalism and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, then you come to expect these kinds of absurd social media posts.

But if you thought the Chauvin tweet was a one-off, or simply a bad take from the attention-seeking Hollywood leftist, she followed it up by making it quite clear she is in direct opposition to the very notion of due process.

A commenter on Handler’s original post noted: “I’m sure it’s been said, but we need the trial or our justice system would be even more chaotic than it already is. The scary thing will be if he is exonerated, even after the trial with the evidence presented.”

That was a thoughtful comment, objectively speaking. Handler didn’t seem to agree.

“Perhaps we skip trials when there is audio and video footage of the murder,” she replied.

Forget context, situational circumstance and nuance, Handler apparently wants Chavin sent to the gallows, posthaste. None of this is surprising, especially when you look at Handler’s line of work.

No doubt there were countless victims of morally bankrupt Hollywood executives and the way they treated, women, men, girls and boys throughout the century of the casting couch. That treatment would eventually lead to what would become the well-intentioned but later disingenuous #MeToo movement.

That movement spilled over into the mainstream, and saw a culture that was ready to convict mostly men without evidence and ruin their careers over even the vaguest allegations.

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See Kavanaugh v. Blasey Ford.

It’s arguable that the #MeToo movement was a driving force behind much of the cancel culture we see today — as people are now canceled for apparent thought crimes and perceived slights against the new “woke” orthodoxy.

Is it any surprise that a Hollywood celebrity is now openly promoting doing away with due process, as we’ve seen the internet help to proliferate and normalize the madness? This past year has seen the left push for a return to segregation in some instances and an environment where the absence of anti-white racism equates to racism against minorities.

Do you think the "woke" left would be happy to see due process banished?

It’s only natural that the same Hollywood culture which branded arsons in 2020 as “peaceful” now wants to banish jury trials and get straight to sentencing. Perhaps Chauvin should face a trial by combat against anti-gun Hollywood’s army of well-armed guards.

Everyone in this country should hope for a fair trial for Chauvin. Not necessarily just for the former officer and the other officers accused, but for the integrity of the entire nationwide criminal justice system.

Even if there is video of some of Floyd’s final moments floating around online.

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