Ivy League School Offering Segregated Graduation Ceremonies


New York City’s Ivy League Columbia University is offering a general graduation ceremony this spring for all of its students, but will also separate those students by race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and income for several segregated ceremonies which are being celebrated as “multicultural.”

Apparently being “woke” means a return to the ugly policies of the Jim Crow era. Columbia, on its website, is touting a series of sterile virtual events for new graduates and eventual ceremonies for students based on identity politics and apparently on toxic critical race theory.

The school announced its general commencement will be held on April 30 and will be virtual, due to coronavirus restrictions. But separate virtual ceremonies for students are also scheduled so students can celebrate completing an Ivy League degree separate from those who make up the student body as a whole.

On a registration page for “Multicultural Graduation Celebrations,” Columbia invites students to join “one or more of these virtual celebrations.”

“All events also will be recorded and posted online following the events. More information and links to recordings will be sent to all registrant,” the school said.

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“Participation is open to all Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, General Studies and Barnard College graduating seniors.”

Hidden in the celebrated multiculturalism is a schedule that marks for the school a return to the policies of racial segregation. People of different ethnicities and backgrounds will be celebrated in six separate ceremonies, should they choose to partake.

On Sunday, April 25, the school’s graduation ceremony for Native Americans will begin at 4 pm. The following day, a so-called “Lavender Graduation Celebration” will begin.

Fox News reported that the “lavender” ceremony is for students who identify as within the “LGBTIAQ+ community.”

Do you think the leftists who run the country's institutions are intentionally stoking the division?

A 10 am “graduation celebration” for Asians is then scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, which will be followed by an “FLI Graduation Celebration” on Wednesday, April 28 at 7 pm.

Per the Fox reporting, “FLI” stands for “first-generation and/or low-income community.”

Celebrations for a “Latinx Graduation” and the “Black Graduation” are scheduled for April 29 and April 30, respectively.

“Everyone will be watching, so don’t miss a moment!” Columbia said of its segregated and virtual events. The school in a statement also hailed these segregation events as being something to celebrate.

“In honor of Columbia’s diverse student community and complementing the school — and University-wide graduation ceremonies, we are proud to also offer Multicultural Graduation Celebrations, which provide a more intimate setting for students who self-identify in a variety of ways,” Columbia stated.

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“These events invite community members to reflect on personal growth and community experiences that have impacted their time as students through to graduation.”

Is there anything multicultural about an absurd Latinx-only ceremony, or one for Native American and black students?

Of course not. The country has worked hard since the end of the Civil War to enact and embrace universal standards for an integrated society, and the left is now promoting division.

Entire generations of Americans actually fought to end dehumanizing Jim Crow laws. We’ve come full circle.

Leftists have of course been working hard for some time to stoke existing racial and cultural tensions within the country. The far-left has grown so out-of-touch with reality that a return to segregation is now apparently equal to enlightenment.

They are certainly anything but unifying, as they sound an awful lot like the old “separate but equal” policies.

This story is simply the latest example of just how badly academia is failing young people.

It’s tragic enough that students who just worked their tails off for four years won’t be able to celebrate together and throw up their caps to signify the beginning of the next chapters of their lives.

Preceding the sterile, COVID-safe, for-all virtual commencement, some students will receive special ceremonies.

In those ceremonies, they will likely be told, one last time by the leftist institution, that their victimhood will drive that next chapter.

The cycle of madness will continue as the country continues to go backward.

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