Chelsea Handler Issues Grotesque Attack On Sessions...Backfires Immediately


You’ve heard the rhetoric: “Tolerance.”

“When they go low, we go high.”

“It’s wrong to discriminate or judge.”

Those are all themes repeated by the left, but it looks like they’re foreign concepts to one of the most outspoken liberals in the entertainment industry.

On Friday, comedian and vocal anti-Trump critic Chelsea Handler decided to lash out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Twitter — but ironically, her hateful “joke” quickly backfired with liberals.

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“Jeff Sessions is definitely a bottom,” Handler declared. That description was a reference to the gay community, where homosexual couples are sometimes split into a dominant “top” and a more passive “bottom.”

The statement didn’t even make sense. Was she calling Sessions secretly gay? How is that funny?

Or, was she trying to imply that Sessions — a former Army Reserve captain and attorney who stood up for black Americans against the KKK — was weak?

Was Chelsea Handler's anti-Sessions comment offensive?

The bizarre “insult” quickly drew the ire of other liberals on Twitter, who slammed Handler for being unfunny and homophobic.

“Pls stop,” responded Calvin Stowell, a gay man and “LGBT” advocate with a large Twitter following.

“Homophobic,” echoed Alexandra Whitney, a transgender woman with a verified Twitter account.

“This is hella homophobic, Chelsea. I expect better,” scolded Michael Kell, another person who identifies within the LGBT community.

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A liberal author named Elizabeth Argyropoulos responded in detail about why Handler’s tweet was being seen as homophobic by her own side.

“So the joke is he’s sh** because he’s a bottom,” the writer summarized. “Because gay men who are bottoms are inferior. Funny. So many ways to make fun of Jeff Sessions and you went with this. Dude, this just sucks.”

It’s actually a pretty good point. The only way to interpret Handler’s “diss” against Sessions is that she believes implying he’s gay is automatically an insult. That’s rich coming from the same liberals who have spent decades crusading against terms like “gay” and “queer” being used as derogatory.

The tweet doesn’t make Handler look clever or funny or much of anything, other than hateful and desperate.

That is perhaps the real takeaway: For all their posing about being tolerant, so many of the left are clearly spiteful and will attack anyone they disagree with… even becoming more “intolerant” than the people they claim to despise and resorting to gay slurs as insults.

At the same time, the ease at which other liberals turn on one of their own — in this case, Handler — shows the fragility of identity politics. In a system where political correctness and using “approved” terms is almost a religion, the mob can quickly turn inward as soon as someone steps out of line.

Chelsea Handler uttered the words that shall not be spoken. She made the ultimate mistake among the left: Forgetting the rules of the victimhood hierarchy and turning gays into a bad punchline. Liberals, more and more, are fighting themselves, and the train wreck is absolutely fascinating to watch.

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