Chilling Court Doc: Darrell Brooks Intentionally Sped Up to Smash Through Christmas Parade


Police say a Wisconsin man intentionally sped up as he drove an SUV through a parade in Waukesha on Sunday, killing six people and injuring dozens more.

While the establishment media is busy blaming the killing spree on the car, officers who were on the scene are pointing their fingers at the driver.

A criminal complaint against Darrell E. Brooks contains statements from officers who said he accelerated as he drove along the parade route and ignored their commands to stop his vehicle just before he struck at least 68 people on the roadway and sidewalk.

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Prosecutors said at least two officers, referred to as Casey and Butryn, encountered Brooks in the moments before the massacre at the city’s annual Christmas parade.

“[Casey] began to see people spreading apart and observed a red Ford Escape driving southbound on White Rock Avenue,” the complaint alleges.

“He observed people jumping out of the way of the red Ford Escape. As the Ford Escape was at White Rock Avenue and East Main Street, Detective Casey stepped in front of the Ford Escape and pounded on the hood of the vehicle and yelled multiple times, ‘Stop.'”

“[Brooks] drove past Detective Casey and into the parade procession. Detective Casey chased the vehicle to East Avenue on foot and he observed the vehicle begin to drive faster. Detective Casey broadcast over the radio that the red Ford Escape had entered the parade route and he needed squads to respond in an emergency fashion.

Is the establishment media downplaying the parade massacre?

“A few seconds later, Detective Casey heard on the police radio that the vehicle was striking people and was continuing westbound on East Main Street,” the complaint continued.

Butryn shared a chilling story.

“Officer Butryn observed the driver looking straight ahead, directly at him, and it appeared he had no emotion on his face. As the vehicle passed his location, Officer Butryn continually yelled for the vehicle to stop,” the complaint reads.

“The vehicle continued traveling westbound on East Main Street, and passed through the intersection of East Main Street and Buckley Street. Office Butryn concluded that if the driver was lost and attempting to get out of the parade, this would have been a reasonable location for him to stop and exit the parade route.”

“The vehicle then got to the intersection of East Main Street and NW Barstow Street, and it appeared the brakes were activated. Office Butryn believed the vehicle was going to come to a stop and attempt to make a right hand turn out of the parade route, onto NW Barstow Street.

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“However, the vehicle then appeared to rapidly accelerate, as Officer Butryn heard tires squeal. The vehicle took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants. At this point, it was clear to Officer Butryn that this was an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible.”

Based on video of the assault, witness statements and the accounts of police officers, it appears paradegoers were dealing with a deranged man who set out to kill as many people as possible.

But while much of the establishment media has already relegated the tragic attack to a non-story — no wonder why — some outlets are portraying it as a “crash.”

We’re actually being told that a car crashed and not that Brooks carried out mass murder. The establishment media’s willingness to spin the facts in order to control the narrative never ceases to amaze.

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