Confused Whoopi Goldberg Tries to End 'The View' 20 Minutes Early, Sends Co-Hosts Into Hysterics


Whoopi Goldberg has returned to hosting duties on “The View,” but may have metaphorically or literally lost the script on Thursday.

Goldberg, a little over halfway through the daytime panel show eyeballed the camera and began to wind up for her signoff until she was apparently signaled by an off-screen producer that the show was still going on.

“Next, I wanna say, you all have been a great audience, we love that you are watching. We want you all to have a great day today. Take a little –“, the 66-year-old Goldberg said. “We love that you’re watching, have a great day,” according to Decider.

Associate Editor for the Media Research Center and News Busters Nicholas Fondacaro made light of the on-air error by Goldberg later that day tweeting, “A little over halfway through the show, Whoopi gets confused and thinks the episode is over.”

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She then responded to her producers as her co-hosts began to laugh, “No? No?”

Joy Behar pointed to the teleprompter between laughs telling her, “Look what it says,” reported Decider. Sunny Hostin added, “We got more show.”

Goldberg, clearly flummoxed looked down at her show notes, seeming to have lost her place as Behar shouted to her, “We’re not done!”

According to the entertainment news outlet, “Alyssa Farah Griffin also chimed in, reminding Goldberg that the show still had to air its interview with Regina Hall, that day’s celebrity guest, while Hostin light-heartedly pointed to The View‘s recent return to TV after a break between seasons.”

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Griffin told Goldberg, “We’re back in the groove!”

A visibly frustrated Goldberg replied,  “All right, whatever,” before turning to the audience saying “We’ll be back!”

Whoopi Goldberg is the third longest-service co-host of the view behind Behar and former co-host Barbara Walters and has consistently presented on the show since 2005, according to IMDB.

According to People Magazine, in August “The View” announced the addition of two new hosts, Ana Navarro and former Trump White House staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Behar expressed excitement over the new additions according to Entertainment Tonight, “Alyssa’s got a whole different personality. I think it will be smoother, frankly,” she said.

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“I mean, I like both of them but I think this girl is going to do very well,” Behar added.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Goldberg recently created controversy by criticizing fans of the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones who feel that the new series “House of the Dragon” and “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” are “woke.”

“I want to start by saying: These are not real,” Goldberg said on Tuesday. “There are no dragons, there are no hobbits, and there are critics who are saying they were too woke by adding — yes — diverse characters. Are you telling me Black people can’t be fake people, too?”

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