Cops Visit Shooting Victim in Hospital. Post Update on Teen's Condition


In the midst of the horrific news of the mass school shooting came many stories of sacrifice and heroism.

Tragically, 17 lives were lost that day, but many credit the quick thinking of the heroes who were on campus that day for preventing that number from being much, much higher.

One such story from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is that of 15-year-old Anthony Borges. When he realized an active shooter was coming their way, he sprang into action.

The teen threw his body against the classroom door, trying to shut it and protect his 20 classmates hiding there. A teacher also leapt to his aid.

As bullets were fired, the two were able to get the door shut against the mad rampage of Nikolaus Cruz. But the closed door did not stop his attack.

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Bullets ripped through the door and hit both Anthony and the teacher. Anthony was hit five times and the teacher was killed. But because of their heroism, no one else in that classroom was harmed.

Anthony’s injuries were described on a GoFundMe campaign as “both legs were shot, left upper thigh bone shattered and one bullet went through his back.” It was also noted that “He has a long road of recovery ahead of him.”

In a video created by Aleteia, Anthony’s father, Roger, is quoted as asking for prayers from everyone for his son, whom he called his hero.

Although Anthony has more surgeries ahead of him, he is in stable condition and was visited by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

A photo of the visit was posted to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page with an update regarding Borges.

Like the young man’s father, the sheriff’s office also asked for prayers for the inspiring young man.

The GoFundMe campaign that was launched to help the Borges family in six days’ time had raised more than $500,000.

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According to Remezcla, in an interview with NTN24, Roger stated that the government would be helping with the medical expenses. This will allow the raised funds to help in other areas.

Roger also told Telemundo that of Anthony’s injuries, the one to his left leg was the worst. This is because the bullet hit an artery.

When Roger heard what happened at the school, he was able to be on the scene quickly because he worked nearby.

But when he got there he discovered that his son was already en route to a local hospital. Law enforcement graciously provided Roger with an escort so he could be by his son’s side as quickly as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Anthony and his family as he continues to recover during this trying time.

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