Couple on Walk Finds Rusty Old Can. Soon Realize It's $10,000,000 Fortune


In February 2013, a couple went for a walk in California. Wow, big news right?

Actually, it was. What they discovered on their stroll was life-changing.

In fact, it changed their life ten-million times over! And it was all because of a rusty old can.

The couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, were out for a walk when they saw a rusty looking can sticking out of the ground near a tree.

They had walked this path a number of times before and never noticed that can, so they decided to check it out.

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“I found a can of gold coins and I thought there was a zero percent chance of Mary believing me! …When I told her, the look of bewilderment — her mouth was so wide open flies could have flown in and out several times,” the man told ABC News.

That’s right, when he pried open the end of the can he was staring at a horde of gold coins from the 1800’s. Amazing right? Actually, it wasn’t anything at all.

The truly amazing thing was that later they returned to the same spot and did some digging. They uncovered more cans filled with more coins.

The couple took them straight to an expert who was dumbfounded by the find. “…1,427 coins, dating from 1847 to 1894, are in uncirculated, mint condition,” Dr. Don Kagin marveled.

If the couple had taken the coins to a bank and traded them in at face value, they would have been $27,000 richer. But they knew the coins were worth more than that.

Some of the coins in the collection were spectacularly rare. So much so that they had an estimated value of $1 million dollers. Each!

Altogether the coins in the cans have been valued at a cool $10 million dollars. Not bad for a walk in the park, is it?

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This lucky couple were certainly not disappointed, but for one woman who thought she won the jackpot, that unfortunately wasn’t the case.

Imagine seeing $42.9 million on the screen of the slot machine you just played.

That’s exactly what Katrina Bookman saw after she played the Sphinx slot machine at Resorts World Casino in August 2016.

She believed it was the dollar amount she won. That sum would have been U.S. history’s biggest slot machine jackpot win.

Casino security escorted her off the floor. Once she was pulled aside, Bookman was told she had to come back the next day.

When she did, she learned she was entitled to only $2.25 because she didn’t actually win. The casino also offered her a complimentary steak dinner.

Hopefully your lucky day is more like finding a rusty old can full of gold coins than it is a malfunctioning slot machine!

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