Watch: Nutella Super Sale Starts Riots as Frenzied Customers Fight for Last Jars


“What would you doo-ooo, for a Klondike Bar?” Remember that classic commercial jingle?

It caused you to question what you would do for your favorite food. Like, would you ever punch grandma for a chicken nugget?

Of course not! But check out how wild and rough this crowd got for Nutella.

Intermarche, a French supermarket chain decided it was time to have a sale. This was not just a few pennies off products, no, they were offering Nutella at a 70 percent discount.

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It’s very likely that you read that and thought “That’s a good sale, but what’s the big deal?” When these French shoppers saw that ad though it was more like “BIG DEAL!”

In fact, many lined up in front of the store well before the doors were opened. Again, this is for a jar of Nutella.

To put it in perspective, the supermarket usually sells Nutella for €4.50, or approximately $5.59 in the U.S.

But with that 70 percent discount, that came down to €1.41, or $1.75. That is a pretty good deal, but is it really something to go nuts over?


The supermarket reported that it was “suprised” by the customers’ reaction to the sale, Metro reported. To be honest, I think we all were.

Just look at some of the video that’s emerged. This is not some little scuffle with people jostling to get a can of their favorite hazelnut spread, this is a full-on melee.

Elbows flying, loaves of bread being used as weapons, grandparents diving over little children, “dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria,” as Peter Venkeman put it in Ghostbusters.

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One employee recounted the chaos. “People just rushed in, shoving everyone, breaking things … We were on the verge of calling the police.”

On the verge of calling the police?

I think any time you have lines forming on an ordinary day for Nutella, you might think that something is afoot. And yet the will of the people played out.

Nutella issued a statement effectively washing their hands of the matter in saying that this was a store-level decision.

One can certainly imagine that it’s a decision the store has been thinking about a lot lately.

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