Creepy: Watch as Biden Jokes About Kindergarten Girl Being 'Too Young To Resist'


One of my most enthusiastic wishes for outcomes in the Nov. 6 midterm elections is for the end of political double standards.

If you think about it, if everyone were held to the same standards of decency in speech and behavior, there would be a lot less division, and justice would be much more swift and consistent.

The double standard really does cause more conflict. Liberals often get away with doing and saying just about anything with little or no consequences.

A most recent example of this inequity is former Vice President Joe Biden and off-handed comments he made Tuesday about a kindergarten girl being “too young to resist.”

It was not only beyond creepy, but in the age of #MeToo, completely out of line in an abusively domineering kind of way.

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As reported, Biden was in Wisconsin campaigning for Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin when he spoke to the crowd and endorsed State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers in his run for governor of the Badger State against conservative Republican Scott Walker.

In making his plug for Evers, Biden brought the candidate’s wife, Kathy, onto the stage, and the rest falls into the long history of Biden public gaffs.

“By the way, running for governor is a team sport! No way out,” Biden said. “He met Kathy in kindergarten. In kindergarten. She was too young to resist. She should’ve known better but she did it anyway.”

Does the media intentionally give Democrats a pass on gaffes like this?

Grotesque doesn’t begin to describe how inappropriate that statement was. What started out to have been a sweet story of childhood sweethearts turned quickly into a suggestion of something adult and unseemly.

And the Democrats in the room laughed and applauded, accepting the statements without a thought of disapproval. What does that say about the state of double standards today?

Think back a few short weeks. Had someone like then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh made such a statement in mid-September, the liberal media would have set him on fire.

We would have seen wall-to-wall coverage of it for days, maybe weeks, and it would have received relentless scrutiny — possibly ending in calls for further investigation into his background searching for whatever manufactured claims of pedophilia liberals could create.

Biden has a history of gaffing it up. While not all of his actions were as creepy as the above statements, they do remain fairly outrageous for a seasoned politician.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve noted Biden’s sometime eerie behavior around females. As a Conservative Tribune piece noted in November 2017, even liberals were getting creeped out by Biden in the age of the #MeToo movement.

Biden has a long history of stepping over the line in public on a lot of different topics, but his reputation as a groper is growing.

Maybe you can laugh off some of these incidents as accidental, but can you name one Republican that would receive that kind of pass at being such a creep?”

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