Day After Election, Dems Already Targeting Trump's Tax Returns


The dust has not even settled on the 2018 midterm election results and Democrats are scrambling to pass out the shovels to newly elected House members so they can begin digging for dirt on President Donald Trump and his administration.

It’s not a surprise. They made their intentions public from the very start of his administration. They intend to create as much chaos and obstruction as possible so they can run out the clock on the Trump administration.

The day after the midterm elections, media focus has turned to the upcoming list of Democrat assaults on the Trump administration, and for at least the next two years, the country can expect the constant drone of liberal cries for an investigation into the president’s tax returns.

According to The Washington Examiner, Democrats are wasting no time in flexing their newly acquired muscle in starting the ball rolling on that particular investigation.

“Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, the top Democrat in the Ways and Means Committee who is poised now to become chairman, has said that he intends to formally request the president’s tax returns,” the Examiner reported.

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, according to the Examiner, he would review any such requests for the the president’s tax returns through the department’s general legal counsel. That added to speculation that the issue would “pave the way for a potential court fight,” the Examiner reported.

In October, the Examiner also reported that the law allows the chairmen of tax committees in the House and Senate to request the tax records of individual taxpayers. However, it also limits public release of those records, the Examiner wrote, so as to protect “taxpayer privacy – even the president’s.”

Is the left calling for the president's tax returns just to create chaos?

That would pose quite a dilemma for Democrats, since their whole reason for launching an investigation into the president’s tax returns is to publicly use whatever they uncover.

The president has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns.

The Hill reported that Trump addressed that very question in the White House news conference on Wednesday.

When ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked him if he would block Democrat attempts to acquire his tax returns, the president repeated his previous stance on the matter. He has said he is under audit by the IRS, and would not release his records as long as that’s the case.

“They’re under audit. They have been for a long time,” Trump said. “If I were finished with the audit, I would have an open mind to it. When that happens, if that happens, I would certainly have an open mind to it.”

Apparently the fervor among Democrats for the president’s taxes is lost on Trump supporters.

I agree. Nobody cares about President Trump’s taxes, especially since we couldn’t even get a legitimate birth certificate from former President Barack Obama until close to the end of his administration.

When I think of all the time and tax payer money that will be wasted in the next two years on phony investigations by Democrats whose only intent is to create chaos – it makes me ill.

Perhaps the rest of America will get just as sick of the leftist chaos and by 2020 they will give the House back to the Republicans, so President Donald Trump can enter his second term without the distractions of Democratic obstructions.

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