Crossing Guard Stops Traffic When He Sees Little Kitty Who Wants To Cross Street


Why did the cat cross the road? Apparently to become an overnight internet star!

When a crossing guard in Indonesia named Brigadier Satria was directing traffic, he soon noticed a small cat waiting to be directed across the street.

Rather than letting the cat fend for itself, the officer for the Musi Banyuasin police department decided to help the feline out.

Making sure the coast was clear, he then began signaling oncoming traffic to stop before gesturing to the cat as if it were any other pedestrian.

And from the looks of it, this feline definitely thinks it is just another pedestrian.

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Of course, the cat doesn’t seem at all fazed by the cars waiting for it to hurry its tail up, and instead takes a leisurely stroll across the road at the crossing guard’s signal.

Officer Satria made sure the cute kitty followed him all the way across the street to safety before allowing traffic to continue.

The viral video filmed by Satria’s collague Bripka Silaean was posted to Instagram on the Polres Muba account.

Further footage from the original post revealed that the cat decided one trip across the road just wasn’t enough!

The mischievous kitty must have made its way back over to the other side of the road again, as Officer Satria can be seen directing the cat across the same area a second time.

Thanks to this kind officer, one cat can rest assured that it will be safe during any future spur-of-the-moment walks across the street.

So far, the post has received over 2,400 likes in just two days, and I’d say this cat has accomplished its goal.

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Congrats kitty, you’re a star!

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