Crying Soldier's Power Shut Off. Then Stranger Grabs Her Phone and Pays $500 Bill


Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It can be any number of difficulties, such as illness, job loss, or death.

When these things happen, it can be a life-changer to be able to get some kind of help in order to change them. Sometimes it just takes a little kindness.

One day while on the train, an IDF soldier witnessed such an event take place and was left “with faith and hope in humans” afterward, according to the Facebook post made about it.

The soldier, Daniel Danino, was taking the train home from base, as per usual, when a sobbing mother on a cell phone caught Danino’s attention.

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The mother was disabled and had not gotten her social security allowance.

According to the Jewish Press, the woman was also a soldier like Danino and her only other income is “a soldier’s salary.” Her social security allowance would not come in for a couple of weeks.

As a result, her electric bill was unpaid and the power was going to be shut off. Danino was not the only person on the train who overheard the woman’s tearful pleadings for mercy and help to resolve the situation.

According to the translation of Danino’s Facebook post, a man overheard the tearful conversation and “kidnapped” the woman’s phone.

He then gave the utility company his credit card information so the $500 electric bill could be paid in full.

Danino was so touched by what she witnessed she took photos of the man, identified by Sunny Skyz as Ofir Itzhak.

Danino wrote of Itzhak that while he did not have Facebook, he had “the biggest soul I’ve ever met!”

Danino felt such “pride” in his actions, she asked others to share her post so others, those who know Itzhak, may share in the pride of his kind and generous help to a woman in need.

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Various outlets picked up the story and Danino’s post has in fact been shared more than 2,000 times. Those commenting on the post also shared in their pride of his charitable act.

With so much strife and anger in the world around us and particularly in online postings, it seems good stories like this are a soothing balm for many.

That generous man’s act did more than help that one woman, which in and of itself is an amazing thing.

He also gave renewed hope and inspiration to Danino and all the others who have learned of his kindness.

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