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Dad Accidentally Floods Yard with Sheep After Showing Daughters Flock Grazing Behind Fence


Have you ever wondered what kinds of animals might be wandering around your backyard? In most cases encounters are limited to rabbits, squirrels, birds and perhaps an occasional deer.

One family in Lincoln, California, recently got to experience a far from ordinary animal encounter.

Scott Russo, a caring father, was attempting to give his daughters an up-close experience with one of their city’s more unique public care programs.

Lincoln, which is located in the Sacramento metropolitan area, has a unique program designed to deal with overgrowth and out-of-control vegetation on public land. Each year, the city releases goats and sheep to graze on overgrown land.

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According to the city’s official website, grazing “is an effective way to control invasive weeds, reduce wildfire fuels, maintain native plant and animal diversity, and reduce dead plant matter (thatch) buildup.”

Since the Russo family lives next to one of the open spaces being used for this grazing program, Scott decided to open the gate in their backyard so that they could watch the flock of sheep in action.

Unfortunately, the sheep discovered the pathway to greener pastures and decided to invade the Russo backyard. All it took was one sheep to breach the gate, and the rest followed!

“I really didn’t think one sheep would stick its head in. When three and four came in it was neat,” Scott Russo told The Dodo. “I blinked and the yard was full!”

While Russo’s daughters found it hilarious that there were so many woolly friends coming to visit, his wife Erin saw it a little differently. In a video clip shared with KTXL, she can be heard urging Scott Russo to scare the sheep away. “I’m telling you right now! I’m being serious. Scare them out.” While the request was urgent, the humor of the situation was not lost.

Scott then decided to ‘wade’ through this flood of sheep to try and scare them away. He kept the camera rolling as he yelled at the sheep, laughed, and even delivered a few jokes. At one point Scott snarled “Get off my lawn!” mimicking the grizzled Clint Eastwood character in the film “Gran Torino.”

Scott even tried to walk through the gate himself, but nothing seemed to convince the flock to leave the Russo’s lawn.

It wasn’t until Erin began shaking a tambourine and jumping on the family trampoline that the sheep finally decided to leave. They can be seen in Scott’s viral video scrambling over themselves, trying to get away from the startling sounds.

Once the last sheep was safely through the gate, Scott shut it and the family’s yard returned to normal – with one big exception. He told KTXL that his backyard smelled like a barn after the ordeal.

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This is certainly an experience the Russo family will never forget.

“Nobody got hurt, only a smashed corn hole board,” Russo told The Dodo, adding that the whole ordeal was a learning experience. “I won’t leave the gate open again.”

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