After Decades Pushing Diversity Propaganda, CNN Now Targeted for Not Being Diverse Enough

CNN has been at the forefront of the leftist crusade for “diversity,” but now the media outlet itself is being targeted for not hiring enough black staff.

The National Association of Black Journalists slammed CNN in a statement Tuesday, claiming that the outlet has a “lack of black representation” among the network’s “executive news managers and direct reports to CNN President Jeff Zucker.”

In response to CNN’s apparent lack of diversity, NABJ is putting the outlet on a “special media monitoring list.”

“A special team will perform further research and an analysis of CNN’s diversity, inclusion and equity practices, per the NABJ Board’s directive,” the statement said.

And it gets even worse for CNN. The black journalist group is also calling for a “civil rights audit” to investigate CNN’s hiring practices.

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According to the NABJ, CNN said it did have black vice presidents but would not provide the NABJ with their identities.

In a statement to the entertainment news website The Wrap, CNN said it was willing to meet with the NABJ to discuss its concerns, but would not do so if Roland Martin, NABJ’s vice president-digital, would be present.

Martin was involved in the mini-scandal surrounding a 2016 Democratic primary debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, in which the Clinton campaign was provided with at least one question that was due to be asked in advance. (It’s complicated, but a Politico report from the time explains it pretty well.)

CNN clearly hasn’t forgiven him.

Is this going to mean trouble for CNN?

“For months, we have been working with NABJ to schedule a meeting because the relationship between CNN and NABJ is very important to us,” the CNN statement said.

“As we have told them many times, we look forward to a thoughtful discussion about how both of our organizations can continue to work together. Unfortunately, the significant and reckless damage that Roland Martin did to CNN while partnering with us during a 2016 Democratic Town Hall has made any meeting that includes him untenable. Mr. Martin displayed an unprecedented and egregious lack of journalistic ethics and integrity by leaking questions prior to the town hall.

“As a result, we have told NABJ that CNN will not participate in any meeting that includes him. We have made it abundantly clear that we would be more than happy to sit down with the rest of their leadership team as soon as possible, and that offer still stands.”

Clinton controversy aside, it’s fitting that CNN is finally being attacked by the diversity monster it helped create.

For years, CNN has used “lack of diversity” to attack media outlets, politicians, and others.

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The terms “diversity” and “inclusion” have become the most worn-out buzzwords in the left’s lexicon, and it’s because of left-wing giants like CNN.

For example, CNN published an article in August, slamming President Donald Trump for having “no black senior White House staff.”

The outlet also published an article last September criticizing CBS for having too many male employees.

And there are countless similar articles in which CNN has beaten the drum for diversity.

This ironic situation perfectly demonstrates the dangers of identity politics.

A company could be very diverse, but it will never be enough for the segments of the left who love pretending to be outraged over ginned up tales about “racism.” The furor over “lack of diversity” will never end.

Instead of pushing for hires based on diversity, everyone should be pushing for hires based on merit.

Trust me when I say that businesses care more about making money than they care about being racist.

The most qualified person for the job should be hired, whether white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, or female.

CNN is getting a taste of its own medicine, but it’s still probably not enough for the outlet to change its ways.

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Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.
Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a passion for free speech, privacy and peace. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in History. While at Wooster, he served as the Treasurer for the Wooster Conservatives and the Vice President for the Young Americans for Liberty.
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