Dems Attack In-N-Out Burger for Donating to GOP. Instantly Blows Up in Their Faces


If there is one thing that can be counted on, it is that the perpetually offended crowd will always find something new and mind-boggling to be upset about. The latest “We must boycott or ban” movement by the left was revealed on Twitter and is against one of America’s favorite burger joints: In-N-Out Burger.

What could they have possibly done that has elicited the ire of the left? Donated to the GOP, according to a tweet from California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman:

So, companies can only donate if it is to the Democrats or democrat-supported causes, such as Planned Parenthood? That hardly seems like something you’d find in a free country. Or coming from people who push for “tolerance.”

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As Twitchy noted, the leanings of the restaurant have not exactly been kept secret over the years. Bible verses have been printed on the wrappers and cups.

Not only have social media users commented on it over the years, but NPR did a report on it in 2009.

“Each burger wrapper and cup also comes with a Bible citation — thanks to Harry Snyder’s son, Rich Snyder, who is the company’s second president and a born-again Christian. The citations are discreet, (“In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain That Breaks all the Rules” author Stacy) Perman says.”

Will you boycott In-N-Out Burger?

“‘Friends of mine who’ve lived in California forever, some of them didn’t even know they were there,’ she says. ‘And some of them, who I think would be offended in any other setting … sort of gave it a pass because they love In-N-Out Burger so much.'”

So perhaps Perman was right. While the left has complained about Chick-fil-A for years, launching multiple boycotts and bans against that chain restaurant, they have been mysteriously quiet about In-N-Out Burger all of this time. A Twitter user noted that back in June:

And like so many attempts to boycott and ban that have come before, this one, too, has backfired on the left. Twitter users were quick to bash the idea and call out the hypocrisy.

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Some vowed to eat more In-N-Out burger. Just as has happened with Chick-Fil-A:

It seems when the left calls for boycotts and bans, they inadvertently end up throwing more support to the thing they are trying to destroy. The NRA spiked in membership after the left attacked the organization. When liberal-leaning tech giants went after Alex Jones and his InfoWars empire, his website saw a jump in numbers.

Conservatives and freedom-lovers of all walks of life have rallied together to oppose fascist tactics too often utilized by the extreme left. Actor James Woods famously joined the NRA, despite not even owning a rifle, to counter what he viewed as an attack by the left, via President Barack Obama, on constitutionally protected rights:

A point conservative podcast host Dan Bongino has often made in his show and on social media is that “Conservatives never forget.” He says they remember the boycotts and bans, the corporate caving to lunatic demands, and respond accordingly with their wallets:

Twitchy added to that sentiment: “Conservatives never forget. And while we may not make a fuss and shake our fists at these companies demanding they behave as we want or we’ll shut them down, we do pick and choose very carefully where we spend our money.”

“Note, Conservatives are also roughly 60% of the buying power in America … but hey corporate America, whatever makes you feel woke.”

It is a message the left should learn from, that everything they target just comes back stronger. So far, they visibly have not yet learned that lesson.

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