Doctor on Bed Rest after Giving Birth to Own Baby, Gets Up to Deliver Patient's Twins


The medical profession isn’t known for relaxation. Doctors work long, tiring hours to make sure their patients are cared for.

OB-GYN doctor Hilary Conway knows this better than anyone. She’s extremely dedicated to her patients and always does her best to make sure their births go according to plan.

“I want to deliver all my patients,” Conway told Inside Edition. “This was a patient I connected to on a lot of levels.”

The only problem was that Conway was pregnant with a baby girl at the same time. The other doctors assumed she’d be on maternity leave before her patient, Kate Moss, went into labor.

They were partly correct — Conway had just given birth by the time she got the text that Moss was in labor. “I was sad,” Conway said. “I knew at that point I wouldn’t be able to deliver her.

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“In our last visit, we both expressed sadness that I wouldn’t be there and she came to accept it like I had come to accept it,” reported the doctor.

Conway was resting in the hospital bed after birthing her own child, but then she found out that her patient was in the room next door.

Instead of taking the day to rest in bed, Conway sprang into action. She went straight next door to deliver Moss’ twins!

Her partner stood guard and made sure she didn’t get tired while other nurses watched her baby in the next room. “The timing was perfect,” she said.

“I just remember (Moss) saying ‘I’m so glad that you’re here,’ ” Conway said. “And I felt that same way — I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.”

“As doctor and patient, we go through so much together during the pregnancy,” explained Conway, “it’s a huge disappointment to miss the delivery. So, as soon as I realized that delivering Katie was feasible, I was beyond thrilled for the privilege of being there.”

With this delivery, Conway has to be the record holder for the shortest maternity leave of all time. She got out of her hospital bed to do her job in the next room.

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“The fact that I got to help Katie deliver twins makes the amazing experience of delivering my own daughter that much more special — if it’s even possible,” Conway told People Magazine.

She also tried to brush off the praise she received, humbly suggesting that she wasn’t that spectacular: “Honestly, what I did is not that remarkable.

“What’s remarkable is how well the timing worked out and the support I got from my partner, Dr. Elizabeth Jacobson, and the nurses who watched Verna while I was in the delivery… and Katie. Let’s not forget she delivered twins, that’s much more amazing!”

What an incredible story! Props to this mom and doctor who found the strength to help on such short notice and under such unusual circumstances.

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