Down Syndrome Teen Diagnosed with Rare Cancer, But Dad Hears Word from God


Cade Wegener was dealt a rough hand early in his life. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and life was forever different for the Wegener family.

But for the most part, it has been better. Cade has been a light in the family, reaching out and touching the lives of all the people who come into contact with him.

On a GoFundMe page set up by his mother’s cousin, he is described as being an incredibly kind individual. “All he wants is to love, and to be loved,” she wrote. “His innocence is unmatched, and his heart is incomparable. “

The 13-year-old with Down syndrome was diagnosed with cancer, and his parents had to face the possibility of losing their son.

The first sign of trouble occurred when Cade was in gym class. He started complaining of pain in his hip and went to the pediatrician to see what was wrong.

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“They actually called us that night and said, ‘We’re admitting you right now,'” Chris Wagner told KWTV. Cade had a rare form of sarcoma, and doctors found a tumor pressing against the boy’s spine.

“Dropped a pretty big bomb on us and our family, and left us with not a whole lot of hope at that point,” Chris said. Since the tumor was pressing on Cade’s spine, doctors didn’t have many options.

They had to target the radiation on Cade and make sure they didn’t do any excessive damage.

“In fact, there was a nerve root that they were afraid if they damaged that — that he would walk with a limp the rest of his life,” Chris explained.

When the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office heard Cade’s story, they wanted to do something to help him. So, they got together and made his dream come true.

The sheriff’s office made Cade an honorary deputy. Cade was all smiles as he accepted the plaque they made for him.

Sheriff Vic Regalado gave Cade the “Hero Among Heroes” award for his brave fight against cancer. Despite his pain, Cade always remained positive and looked forward with a smile.

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Chirs was far more worried about the procedure. The focused radiation had to be precise or else it would danger Cade’s living condition for the rest of his life.

“It’s like using a laser-focused sniper rifle, and they can hit the exact spot,” Chris said. His only respite was something he heard from the heavens.

“Everyone says, ‘How do you do it?’ We’re leaning on the rock,” Chris said. “I felt God say, ‘Chris, I’m going to heal your son,’ and that peace came over me and we’ve had a peace about it ever since.”

A few months later, Cade finished his treatment and was declared cancer-free. The 13-year-old can now go back to playing football with his friends just like any other kid.

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