Anchor Records Hilarious 'Make-Up Tutorial' Video Showing How He Gets Ready for Nightly Show


When you search the internet for a makeup tutorial, most people aren’t expecting to see a grown man fumbling his way through his daily routine.

But that’s exactly what we were treated to thanks to Bob Herzog of Cincinnati’s WKRC-TV.

Herzog, a news anchor, filmed himself putting his makeup on and offering compelling insight into the world of getting dolled-up.

Throughout the ‘tutorial,’ viewers were treated to such gems as, “This is called ‘concealer.’ It is for concealing things.”

Wow, what amazing commentary. This is the kind of stuff that normal makeup tutorials just skip right over.

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From there, Herzog continued on to offer more ground-breaking analysis on top of ground-breaking analysis.

After putting the concealer under his eyes, he explained the reasoning behind putting two little circles on his forehead.

“I do a weird little circle here, and I do one there too,” Herzog said as he made makeup circles on his forehead. “Because… I don’t know why.”

Again, this is the kind of analysis you’re only going to get from someone who puts on makeup professionally.

Do you think a teenage girl with actual make-up experience could offer such profound and helpful tips? I doubt it.

Herzog even shared a bit about his personal struggle during the video. He had to add a bit of makeup to an ingrown hair on his neck that still hasn’t healed.

As a man who isn’t perfect and occasionally gets ingrown hairs, it’s refreshing to see a local news anchor speak on this struggle. Not enough people are talking about how long it takes for those things to go away.

When he got to the foundation, Bob got a little deep with his viewers. “This is foundation, and this is to help make sure that I have a good, solid foundation — for both my skin tone and my morality.”

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It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to go volunteer at a soup kitchen. Unfortunately, I’ve never used foundation before, so I doing know exactly how he feels.

And once Buzzfeed created a highlight reel of the clip, it instantly went viral with over 3 million views so far.

Thank goodness, because everyone sorely needs this very serious and informative makeup tutorial in their lives.

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