Dog Refuses To Accept Mailman's Delivery Card, Drops It Back Outside


There’s a long and colorful history between dogs and mail carriers. In most cases, it’s a turbulent one, pitting man (or woman) against dog — at least, in the dog’s mind.

We understand that mail carriers are just doing their job, which is to come onto our property and deliver letters and parcels addressed to us. Mailboxes and mail slots inside doors are not only signs of our acceptance of this ritual, but an invitation.

Dogs just do not understand this notion. To many of them, mail carriers are repeat offenders who just do not get that they are trespassing. Daily.

When a dog sees a mailman coming and starts barking, he’s defending the family territory. The same goes for passing dogs, people, cars — really anything that moves.

When a mailman continues to advance anyway, the guard dog gets more insistent. Most times, though, the mailman not only continues right up to the mailbox or door, he or she actually places foreign objects onto the family territory!

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Such rudeness is not to be tolerated and so, for decades, the war has continued.

Many times, dogs will shred any mail that comes into the house, sometimes hanging onto it and tearing it as it comes through the slot. If a dog happens to be out when the mailman’s around … well, many carriers keep pepper spray with them for just this reason.

Does your dog like the mailman?

One postman named Scott Brooks from Kent has experienced a new rejection technique.

On Nov. 15, he posted a video on Facebook to illustrate the kind of treatment he was receiving from one family’s dog. He was trying to deliver a “failed delivery” notice through the mail slot on the door.

As soon as he’d “deliver” the notice, though, the dog would bark, stick the notice back through the cat door at the bottom of the front door, bark, and disappear.

He looked absolutely indignant as the delivery man continued his onslaught. The second time the notice was delivered, the dog stuck his head out the cat door, barked in annoyance, disappeared, then reappeared with the notice, depositing it on the front mat once again and barking to punctuate his rejection.

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This went on for three rounds until the dog relented and let the notice stay put. He put up a good fight, but ultimately the postman was more determined on this day.

Scott may have won the battle, but the war is far from over.

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