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Dog Thrown from Car and Abandoned on Roadside Reunites with Overjoyed Original Owner


It’s easy to feel a mix of sympathy and rage when we encounter a story of animal abuse. Oftentimes that anger is quickly leveled at the owner because people assume that the state of a dog must be due to the care (or lack of care) of that person.

It happens when strays are picked up looking filthy, bony and flea-ridden. It happens when animals are dumped by the roadside. In their rush to provide a better life for the animal in question, many well-meaning people never look for an owner because they assume the owner is the person who put the animal in that condition.

While that’s often true, it’s not always true, and that’s why it’s so important to look for the owner of any animal before rehoming it.

Savey is a perfect example of that. The Brown County Humane Society Dog Shelter in Georgetown, Ohio, introduced her to the world in a post that went viral on May 28.

“Do you know me?” read the post, which included a photo of a dejected tan-and-white pit-bull-type dog.

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“Found at the old bridge, Ferry St. in Aberdeen. This dog was thrown from a moving late model green sedan with Kentucky plates. She then ran after the car trying to stay with them.”

The heartbreaking story tore at people, eliciting a wave of scathing comments directed at the person who treated the poor dog with such coldness.

As Savey’s sad story circulated, it came before the eyes of the man who’d raised her from a puppy. She’d gone missing over a year earlier, and he recognized her immediately.

And when he showed up to claim her, she recognized him immediately. Her reaction said it all.

“If you don’t believe in miracles. Maybe you should,” the shelter posted in the happy update on May 29. “Savey was the dog that was pushed out from a moving car Thursday night in Aberdeen … Our wardens brought her to the shelter that evening. Savey has been a good girl while here but understandably shook up and depressed.

“Today, after her original owner saw our post on FB. He rushed to the shelter. Savey had been missing for over a year. Pictures were shared as he described her birthmarks and old scars to a tee. She had been with him since she was a small puppy.

“Savey recognized him as soon as we got to the hallway of the lobby and immediately started pulling and jumping for him. Our sad depressed girl quickly became happy wiggly and overjoyed to see her person.”

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As for the person who is responsible for abandoning her, the shelter said it has people on the case “actively investigating who threw Savey from the car,” according to Fox News.

The two photos the shelter shared of Savey are night and day. In the first one, she is clearly confused and sad, and in the second she has a new energy about her and is flashing a doggy smile and a waggy tail blur. They hardly look like the same dog.

The surprise twist has been a shock and a joy to many, and the post has understandably gone viral. Hopefully, it’s proof to many that the hands at which an animal suffers don’t always belong to its real owner, and it’s always worth investigating to make sure no one’s missing the pet.

“If we said there weren’t a few tears shed this morning we would be lying,” the shelter’s post concluded.

“Take care Savey, thank you for being our miracle today.”

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