Traumatized Mother Warns of the Dangers of Drunken Driving with Heartbreaking Images


On May 18, life changed drastically for one family from London, Ohio.

Mom Sarah and her 2-year-old son, Ollie, were hit by a woman who was allegedly driving while intoxicated.

The two walked away with their lives — barely. Ollie suffered multiple broken bones in his face and limbs and was life-flighted from the scene.

“We were at a dead stop to make a left turn into Speedway when we were hit by a woman going 70 mph,” Sarah (whose last name is not mentioned) wrote along with a photo showing the mangled remains of her car.

“She hit us so hard it sent us into the south bound lane where we were hit again. Thankfully the driver we were pushed into [didn’t] have to suffer any serious injuries, broken fingers and some stitches, thank God.”

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“I’ve been having nightmares of just the minutes following. I remember how loud it was, I remember the screeching brakes of the other cars. [That’s] all I remember until my car came to a complete stop and the first thing I did was get out and try and get to my baby. His door wouldn’t open. I got back in the [driver’s] side trying to move my seat up to get to him and before I could do much more there were people pulling me away so they could get to him safer than I could have in that state.”

“I can’t get into much more detail, there are some things I saw that I [don’t] think I’ll ever be able to even say out loud. A mama shouldn’t know what her [baby’s] bones look like, a mama shouldn’t know what her babys blood smells like. Ever.”

Ollie, who is just 2 years old, according to a friend of the family’s Facebook post, was rushed to the hospital and has undergone a series of surgeries. A GoFundMe was started to help the family cover the unexpected bills they’re now facing.

“Ollie has 2 broken legs and 5 facial fractures, her car is completely totaled,” the GoFundMe reads. “He’s going to be going through many surgeries.

“We now need to come together help them food, gas and while they have to stay at children’s. No parent should ever go through this alone, and we currently do not know when he will be able to come home.”

Sarah shared an X-ray of her son’s face, showing a broken nose, broken eye sockets, broken jaw and fractures along his lip and eyebrow. Doctors warned them that a long and complicated surgery would be needed to fix the breaks.

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To everyone’s surprise, the surgery ended up only taking two hours and doctors were able to manually put the bones back together, a fact everyone was grateful for.

On May 25, Sarah had to go to the court hearing for the woman who allegedly hit them. According to the GoFundMe, the woman didn’t appear to have insurance, either.

As Ollie continues his recovery, Sarah has shared their harrowing tale with others on social media in the hopes that it will prevent someone from going through the same thing she and her son have been through.

“This has been the longest week of our lives,” she posted on May 25, along with some photos of her baby boy. (Warning: Some of the photos are graphic in nature.) “And let me tell you, it’s been so.hard.”

“I almost [didn’t] post this but if anything comes from it, hopefully [it’s] raising awareness of driving under the influence.

“Maybe one day someone, [whether] it’s a friend or a total stranger across the country, will go to leave a bar or a party intoxicated and remember our [boy’s] story, his sweet face, and change their mind. Maybe that one second it takes to change their mind could save a life.”

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