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Don Jr Sticks It to Liberal Snowflakes With Hilarious Declaration for the New Year

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Since almost everything President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. says or does invariably triggers outrage from liberal snowflakes, Trump Jr. decided on New Year’s Eve — his 40th birthday — to preemptively apologize in advance of whatever he winds up doing in 2018.

“Time for my annual pre-apology,” he tweeted Sunday morning. “I would like to pre-apologize for anything I say or do here that you don’t like. I’m not going to change anything per se just apologizing for your overreaction. #happynewyear.”

Funny and clever. I like it.

Take a look:

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Let me be clear about something: When I wrote that practically everything Trump Jr. says or does triggers liberals, I meant it.

Remember Keaton Jones, the teenager from Tennessee who became famous overnight after a video of him tearfully wondering why other kids bully him so much went viral?

Jones’ heart-wrenching video inspired many notable figures to reach out to him, including Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Champion.

As noted by People magazine at the time, White offered to bring Jones to Las Vegas to hang out at the UFC’s headquarters.

In response to this offer, Trump Jr. sent a tweet to White, writing, “If he takes you up on your offer to see UFC Headquarters, I would be honored to host him and his family at our place if they need somewhere to stay.”


That seems like an incredibly nice gesture, right? Yet even this heartwarming tweet triggered outrage.


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Blah, blah, blah, blah blah …

It never ends with these people, who have made a habit of pouncing on every single tweet posted by either the president or his immediate family — including Trump Jr.

And unfortunately, because of Twitter’s algorithm, these imbecilic responses often wind up ranking above other tweets, including those from supporters of the president and his family.

In the case of the pre-apology tweet, however, Trump Jr. got lucky, in that the top-voted reply as of Monday morning was this gem:

Amen, Miss Katica. Amen.

That said, one reply Trump Jr. received does deserve attention: “Don’t worry about that,” wrote some liberal named Paul van der Meer. “You are not allowed to use Twitter from jail.”

Like many other delusional liberals, this guy believes Trump and his family will be convicted of colluding with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

Dear Mr. van der Meer: In your dreams, pal. In your dreams.

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