Driver and Child 'Lucky To Be Alive' After Log Flies Through Windshield and Misses Them Both


If you’re the worrying sort, you see the world through potential-problem-tinted glasses. You probably check the stove top several times before you leave the house to make sure it’s actually turned off.

You can’t fall asleep because you can’t quite remember if you locked the door or not.

If you have kids, that worry gets multiplied. There’s really not much you can do to prepare for the unknown other than try not to overthink things (easier said than done) and stay aware of your surroundings.

But sometimes even that’s not enough.

In what would be many people’s worst nightmare, a piece of plywood flew off the back of a pickup truck in Florida and sliced neatly through the windshield of the car behind it, according to Florida Today.

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Amazingly, the driver only had minor injuries and was able to walk away without assistance.

The photos of the accident are alarming, and it’s hard to see how the driver avoided instant death — but it was clearly not 35-year-old Rebecca Burgman’s time to go.

On Tuesday, another harrowing accident took place in Louisiana, according to KXAN. While the plywood accident was deemed to be the truck driver’s fault for failing to secure the wood properly, this case is a little different.

Have you ever witnessed a horrible incident like this?

There was a semi-truck with a load of rough logs stopped at a red light. In the photo, you can see that the longest log does have the required warning flag to alert drivers to the danger.

The driver of a black Jeep that pulled up behind the truck, however, either didn’t see the log or did not stop in time. Whatever the issue, the result was the same: the log crashed right through the windshield and the back window, skewering the car.

There were two people in the car, a woman and a 1-year-old child.

Fortunately, both of them were unharmed. According to Your Central Valley news, police said the driver was “lucky to be alive.”

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The child was in a back seat, and the woman ducked out of the way as the log hit her windshield.

Many are speculating that distracted driving factored in somehow. It’s easy to see how some kind of momentary lapse — or something as simple as impaired vision — could have been at play.

Many people avoid driving behind trucks carrying poles, pipes, rebar, wood beams, and logs for this very reason.

Even though no one was hurt, the crash is still being investigated, and this instance will certainly stick in people’s minds.

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