Drone Records Breathtaking Video of Forest, Watch Video and You'll Know Fall Is Here


Everyone seems to have a favorite season. Spring is full of newness and life, and holds the first promise of warmth. Summer is sunny and breezy, with lots of opportunities for the outdoors (even if it’s just going outdoors to jump into a pool).

Fall is a winding-down, and takes summer’s fire and packs it into the foliage. Winter is cold, sometimes bleak — but Christmas. Christmas makes it better.

Depending on where you live, you may just have two seasons: more hot and less hot, or more cold and less cold.

Not every locale is fortunate enough to host the parade of colors as the seasons march by. But those who are know the signs: a little bite in the air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the smell of wood smoke.

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One place that’s recently caught people’s eyes is Ogden Valley in Utah.This week, the woods will be their most vivid before giving way to winter.

Local Justin McFarland went out on Saturday to record some of this fleeting color, using his drone to scan the Snowbasin ski resort.

His Facebook page states that he is a “Professional Drone Pilot, Computer Nerd, Mtn Biker and WakeSurfer.” He has plenty of photos of gorgeous scenery to prove the first and third labels.

McFarland told Fox 13 that they “just had some big rainstorms up here that might have knocked some of the leaves off, but there are a few colors still up there.”

Have you ever seen foliage this vibrant?

The colors he captured with his drone are absolutely breathtaking. Some have commented that they’ve been enhanced a bit, but even his untouched images are striking.

The whole rainbow is represented, and then some. Vivid springtime greens contrasted with sulfur yellows and magenta, even shades of lavender made it in.

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The valley is brimming with color, and even the hills in the distance are splashed with a few washes of pink and yellow. Most people are lucky if they get a range of yellows, oranges, and reds — but this takes the cake.

Some have moved past the awe and wonder and in response have posted pictures of Trix or Fruity Pebbles (which, admittedly, the fly-by footage does resemble). Have you ever seen foliage this vibrant?

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