D’Souza’s New ‘Trump Card’ Film Exposes the Modern-Day Slavery of Socialism and Trump's Fight Against It

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Conservative filmmaker, author and political commentator Dinesh D’Souza might very well have another hit on his hands with his new film “Trump Card.”

“Trump Card” offers audiences a glimpse at what the world might look like if the neo-Marxist socialists of the Democratic Party succeed in shifting America from a country of free markets and capitalism to one captive to the economic slavery of socialism.

President Donald Trump is the shining hero of “Trump Card,” and the movie shows that the president’s strength in fighting against the far-left socialists of today is akin to the strength former President Abraham Lincoln embodied in his own fight against the Confederacy and the institution of slavery.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Western Journal’s new podcast, “WJ Live,” D’Souza shared some exclusive insights about “Trump Card” and why the movie’s relevant message needs to be heard.

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The prominent conservative commentator began by explaining what “Trump Card” is all about.

According to D’Souza, this movie highlights the left’s endgame: turning the United States of America into “the United States of Socialism.”

“So, the movie kind of picks up that thread, exposes the new socialism, kind of shows who’s behind it, what their agenda is and then it pivots to how do we defeat it? It focuses on Trump as kind of the political warrior in this battle, and that’s why I call the movie ‘Trump Card.'”

D’Souza went on to explain what exactly “the new socialism” is and how it differs from the old socialism of political figures like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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“The new socialism is a marriage of classic socialism and identity politics,” D’Souza explained.

“The new socialists — Ilhan Omar, AOC — they would never say things like, ‘Bread lines are a good idea.’ That’s Bernie. Their socialism is, essentially, they take the class divide and they accept that but they add to it the race divide — blacks versus whites; the gender divide — men versus women; the sort of transgender divide; the divide between legals and illegals.

“So, what they’re doing is they’re taking classic socialism and sort of integrating it into identity politics, and their goal, ultimately, is to divide society in like eight different ways, with the view of cobbling together a majority coalition of oppressed victim groups.”

Trump Card” also makes the case that socialism is a form of slavery.

The conservative filmmaker elaborated on this argument, explaining that if the country is lost to these new socialists, it is only a matter of time before all Americans are slaves to the oppressive system.

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“Socialism is a form of slavery, and you see this in all the great works on socialism. You know, [Friedrich] Hayek called his book on socialism ‘The Road To Serfdom,’ and what he meant was that if you push socialism far enough, we’ll all become serfs. [Aleksandr] Solzhenitsyn talks about the slavery aspect of socialism, how the Soviet Union became a network, a massive gulag or network of slave camps stretching across five different time zones.

“We see the same theme in Orwell. Socialism is a form of full control, Big Brother. Big Brother is, ultimately, a kind of plantation owner except the main difference is, it’s not only blacks who live on the plantation — it’s everybody.

“So, socialism extends slavery to the whole population, and it’s only the socialist ruling class who become, if you will, the elite rulers of the rest of us.”

“Trump Card” is available for pre-order exclusively through Western Journal Movies until Oct. 6. Click here to watch the trailer and purchase a copy of the DVD or digital download of the film today.

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Michael Austin joined The Western Journal as a staff reporter in 2020. Since then, he has authored hundreds of stories, including several original reports. He also co-hosts the outlet's video podcast, "WJ Live."
Michael Austin joined The Western Journal as a staff reporter in 2020. Since then, he has authored hundreds of stories, including several original reports. He also co-hosts the outlet's video podcast, "WJ Live."
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