Erickson: As China Wows World with Olympic Grandeur, Remember What Happened After Hitler Did the Same


In 1936, Adolf Hitler presided over the Summer Olympics in Berlin.

It was a coming-out party for the Nazis. They put their best foot forward to show their recovery after World War I. They intended to wow the crowd with Nazi grandeur. The international press and much of the world ate it up. Two years later, Germany annexed Austria. World War II began less than a year later.

Now, in 2022, the International Olympic Committee, a hive of scum and villainy more at home on Tatooine than Earth, is gathering with athletes from around the world in Beijing for the Winter Olympics.

Xi Jinping, China’s dictator, intends to use these Games as a coming-out party just like Hitler did before World War II. Within three years, Xi will most likely invade Taiwan. History repeats itself and, as with Hitler, much of the international media prefers glamor to truth.

Many American networks will not send reporters to Beijing, ostensibly because of the pandemic. One might hope they would be more outspoken in their criticisms of China, particularly NBC, which regularly lectures Americans on social justice but hopes to make a nice profit off Beijing’s Games.

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The IOC is notoriously corrupt. Its members have accepted bribes and advanced their personal and financial interests as cities around the world have pursued Olympic Games. IOC leaders have frequently turned a blind eye to totalitarian behavior. The Olympic Games themselves have been used as a platform for corrupt, despotic regimes to bask in international praise.

China’s corruption is equally legendary, and its human rights abuses are becoming more notorious. There are no “alleged” or “accused” weasel words here. It is well documented.

In Hong Kong, China has broken its word to the international community and has now begun systematically rounding up protesters and dissidents.

China tears down churches and persecutes Christians. It bullies small home churches and even the Roman Catholic Church. It jails priests and executes missionaries. China has forcibly aborted children to maintain its previous one-child policy, going so far as to operate mobile abortion facilities that could be driven to rural towns.

Should the U.S. have boycotted the Beijing Olympics?

In the Xinjiang province, China runs internment camps, separating children from their parents and seeking to exterminate the Muslim Uyghur population. American corporations have benefited from slave labor in the Chinese versions of Nazi concentration camps.

In the South China Sea, China has claimed the territorial waters of the Philippines and Vietnam. Both countries are begging the U.S. for help. That does not even begin to touch on China’s treatment of Taiwan and its relentless bullying of nations that recognize Taiwan’s independence.

China is a threat to freedom and the three values the IOC claims to uphold: excellence, friendship and respect. The communist government is no one’s friend and shows no one respect. Xi is a tyrant who is making the world more illiberal and far less safe.

President Joe Biden should have ordered a boycott of the Beijing Games, and not just a diplomatic boycott. Regardless, I will not watch the Olympics. I prefer not to participate in coming-out parties for murderous regimes.


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