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Escaped Potbellied Pig Safely Lured Home Thanks to Pack of 'Most Stuf' Oreos


This is a call for assistance that most cops probably don’t get. It was around lunchtime on Feb. 22 when officers with the Middletown Division of Police in Middletown, Ohio, got the news that there was a disturbance on the loose.

The “disturbance” happened to be a 200-pound potbellied pig who was ambling around town, clearly enjoying her stroll.

Several cops used their cars to dry to block her escape, but the resulting photos don’t make it look like she was going anywhere fast. The division of police posted the story to Facebook shortly after the incident.

“We had to take this pig into custody,” they wrote, “he was involved in a disturbance…….someone was tryin’ to blow his house down……..”

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The only problem, of course, was that this was a lady pig named Charlotte. When Charlotte’s owner, Yvette Hoffman, heard about her pet’s escapades, she showed up on the scene to take the wayward creature home.

She had a leash to lasso the sturdy swine with, but in order to sweeten the deal, Hoffman offered the porker an irresistible bribe: “Most Stuf” Oreos, which are apparently the piggy’s favorite.

Charlotte managed to nearly polish off the pack of cookies before being led back home, but thankfully this “incident” did little more than brighten some people’s day with a harmless change of pace and an unusual sighting.

“Charlotte is excited to meet everyone,” Hoffman posted in a comment on the police division’s post. “I would also like to use this opportunity to remind everyone, pets are for life. So many fur babies end up unwanted, homeless, in the pound and worse.”

Charlotte’s not the only pig to cave to food bribery. States away in California and several months ago, a much larger piggy the police nicknamed “Smalls” found himself wandering the streets, just moseying along.

Officers managed to use a stash of Poppin’ Jalapenos Doritos to get the miniature-horse-sized-pig back into his yard.

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“Highland Station received a call reference a pig ‘the size of a mini horse’ ?? running around the neighborhood,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department posted on Oct. 14. “Deputy Ponce and Deputy Berg found him and due to previous calls, knew where he lived.”

“They lured him back home with Doritos one of our deputies had in her lunch bag ?. They made a trail and he followed.”

So if keeping snacks around in case you get the munchies isn’t a good enough reason to go out and buy some more, think of the critters you could bribe back to safety!

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