Establishment Media Panics Over Maskless Super Bowl Celebrations While BLM Protests Get a Pass


Remember all the concern from establishment media outlets last summer about Black Lives Matter protests being potential super-spreader events?

Me neither.

They panicked over Trump campaign rallies, of course, but not BLM protests.

In fact, a Washington Post opinion piece published in September cited a research paper finding “no evidence that net [COVID-19] case growth differentially rose following the onset of Black Lives Matter protests” based on an analysis of spread in over 300 cities.

A Google search for “Black Lives Matter protests COVID-19” brings up multiple studies all finding very limited correlations between the protests and an increased spread of the coronavirus.

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Healthline reported protests didn’t appear to cause an “uptick in COVID-19 cases.”

But there was not perfect mask conformity at these events, as this video from Los Angeles clearly shows:

Or this collage of pictures from protests in Charlotte, North Carolina:

But according to multiple media outlets, maskless Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans celebrating their team’s Super Bowl win were risking a super-spreader event.

CBS News gasped: “Super Bowl LV post-game celebrations spur COVID concerns.” CBS was the network that aired the Super Bowl.

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The Hill and The Associated Press wagged their fingers at celebrating fans too.

How are these fans any more or less of a risk than the BLM protesters last summer?

Do you think the establishment media has a double standard for 'super-spreader events'?

As we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, politics is the overriding issue in the establishment media’s coronavirus coverage.

If you’re a maskless BLM protester, your cause is righteous and the coronavirus is of little concern.

If you’re a maskless Bucs’ fan or a Trump supporter, you’re a potential virus carrier and must be shamed.

It’s a double standard the news media has perfected.

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