Even Self-Proclaimed Socialist Reporter Is Condemning Media Bias Against Trump


Veteran ABC News correspondent David Wright was suspended this week following the release of a Project Veritas video in which he, among other things, admits the establishment media refuses to give President Donald Trump any credit.

Of course, that fact is well known by folks outside of the establishment media echo chamber.

Despite Trump’s many profound successes, tuning in to network television news can be arduous for conservatives, as the overall coverage is generally hostile toward Trump.

So, when we see a man in Wright’s position sharing his unbridled opinion about his own employer’s slanted coverage, it is a rare win against a media apparatus that too often falsely declares itself to be impartial.

Wright, who describes himself as a “socialist” on the widely circulated Project Veritas video, confesses ABC’s refusal to give Trump, or as Wright describes him, “the f—ing president,” his due.

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The Emmy Award-winning reporter, who has been been with ABC since 2000, according to Fox News, says on the secretly recorded video that he feels ABC is dropping the ball by not being tougher on Trump.

He also concedes that the establishment media glosses over Trump’s many achievements.

“We don’t hold [Trump] to account. We also don’t give him credit for what things he does do,” Wright says in the video.

Do you think the establishment media is hostile toward President Trump?

Bingo! A lot of adjectives come to mind when describing Wright for his unwitting confession, but disingenuous is not among them. Wright’s acknowledgment of the concerted effort by ABC News to suppress positive news about Trump is a breath of fresh air.

We now have indisputable video evidence of a deeply entrenched, far-left member of the establishment media admitting there is a clear bias against the president during a conversation he thought was among friends at a hotel bar in New Hampshire.

We should be thankful for that. Wright can no longer hide behind the veil of being a journalist seeking the truth. He has outed not only himself, but also his entire network, for being obstructionists of the truth and manipulators of information.

In the video, Wright does not stop at admitting his and other networks repress the truth about President Trump.

He also strongly criticizes the establishment media’s entire business model.

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He suggests that ABC has become a “profit center” for its parent company, Disney, and questions the integrity of the network’s editorial direction.

“You can’t watch ‘Good Morning America’ without there being Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger appearing,” Wright says. “It’s all self-promotion.”

“We’re all guilty of the same thing. I think that all these big news organizations,” Wright adds, “I’m speaking about broadcast television, that’s all I’m speaking about. ABC, CBS, NBC.”

“And we recognize that we are dinosaurs and we’re in danger of dying.”

At one point in the video, Wright is asked if he supports “democratic socialism,” which has been popularized by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The award-winning journalist states he considers himself an outright socialist.

“Oh yeah. More than that I would consider myself a socialist,” he says.

ABC News reacted quickly to the undercover video, and announced Wednesday that Wright had been suspended and will be pulled from the network’s political coverage upon his return to “avoid any possible appearance of bias.”

“Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC News and the individuals involved,” ABC said in a statement.

The statement is too little, too late for ABC.

If reporter Martha Raddatz fighting back tears during the network’s 2016 election night meltdown failed to give away the network’s clear anti-Trump bias, David Wright’s comments sure have.

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