O'Keefe Finds New Evidence That Sanders Is Paying Violent Communist, Twitter Bans Him for It


Another day, another prominent conservative figure in the doghouse with Silicon Valley social media giant Twitter.

According to a recent news release from Project Veritas, famed right-wing guerrilla journalist and publication founder James O’Keefe was suspended by the platform Tuesday for allegedly breaking site policies which prohibit the posting of people’s “private information.”

The suspension comes nearly two weeks after O’Keefe used the platform to publicize documents revealing that at least one Bernie Sanders supporter caught on video discharging deeply violent rhetoric recently was in fact a paid campaign employees, rather than simply a volunteer.

Of course, such campaign payroll information, coming directly from the Federal Election Commission, is both generally accepted and legally regarded as public knowledge.

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Not to mention the document was posted in the interest of fighting political disinformation — an issue that has supposedly risen to the top of every widely regarded social media corporation’s list of primary concerns for the 2020 election cycle.

In fact, it was not until Washington Post reporter David Weigel downplayed recent controversial videos of Sanders’ staffers, labeling those spewing the aggressive rhetoric as simple campaign “volunteers,” that O’Keefe came forward with FEC documentation and publicly requested that a retraction be made.

“Weigel said the subjects of our investigations were campaign volunteers, not true,” Project Veritas reporter Eric Spracklen wrote.

Do you think Twitter's policy enforcement is biased against conservative figures?

“To prove the inaccuracy our Tweet linked to page found on the Federal Election Commission website showing the ‘volunteer’ was in fact a paid staffer of the Sanders campaign,” Spracklen continued.

“The Post reporter retracted his story.

“The information we reported is in the public domain, there is nothing ‘private’ about it.”

None of this, however, was enough to stop the big tech powers that be from suspending O’Keefe’s Twitter account indefinitely.

“UPDATE: @Twitter has still not responded to @JamesOKeefeIII appeal for reinstatement after being LOCKED for reporting an @FEC paystub of @BernieSanders campaign staffer Kyle Jurek; information that is publicly available and easily accessible,” Project Veritas tweeted Thursday.

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Weigel, posting patently false political information under the auspices of The Washington Post, had done no wrong in Twitter’s eyes.

After deleting his initial false claim, the reporter seems to have walked off without so much as a slap on the wrists from the platform.

O’Keefe’s posting of important political information legally regarded as public domain, on the other hand, was somehow worthy of punishment.

Apparently, it was unacceptable for a professional journalist to air out in the public forum a political document you or I could simply search for on the web.

That is, it was unacceptable because those documents could potentially damage the candidacy of a wealthy, socialist candidate who’s well-liked by the snobbish millennials of California’s big tech boardrooms.

Heaven forbid you know the Sanders campaign has under its employ a notable handful of fringe individuals who would gladly see violent class warfare — if not outright “revolution” a la Russia 1917 — on the streets of the modern United States.

As Project Veritas itself noted, the statements of field organizers like Jurek, who implied Sanders supporters should drag journalists “out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets” should the Democratic National Committee nominate another candidate are news, plain and simple.

Field organizer Martin Weissgerber’s open praise for Soviet gulags and re-education camps responsible for the deaths of millions in the late 20th century was news as well.

And Twitter’s willingness to silence those who report such things over wrongful claims of disinformation, doxing or other forms of misbehavior only reveals one thing: The technology industry hasn’t a care in the world for drawing a line between sources that deliver truth and sources that deliver disinformation.

All they care about is ensuring as many users as possible are engaging with their approved sources of information.

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