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Family Dog Bravely Chases Off Six Alleged Intruders Before Being Shot

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Many of us would like to think that our four-legged friends would protect us if we were in trouble, but few of us have any proof that they would. Thankfully, most of us don’t have an opportunity to test that theory.

Christopher Keener and Aesahia Grimes of Chesterfield, Virginia, got proof of their pup’s loyalty, but it came at a steep price.

The incident happened at the Mallard Cove apartments on Monday, Feb. 25, at around 9:00 p.m. Keener and Grimes had just gotten home when they noticed a group of suspicious characters milling about.

When they got inside their apartment, they felt on edge and noticed a man loitering outside. Grimes had even met the man before, though he only knew the man’s first name.

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“There was a dude standing up here in all black, just staring down at us,” Keener said, according to WKYT. “We knew something was up, so me and Ozzy stood right here and watched him walk back and forth.”

Eventually, that man knocked at the door. “I was right at the door holding Zeus,” Grimes said.

“We opened the door,” Keener admitted to WTVR. “Five people ran in. They pointed the gun. Zeus ran after them, they ran — then shot Zeus.”

Zeus clearly knew what was happening, and if it hadn’t been for him, his owners could have been forced into a much worse situation. Sources later claimed there had been six men who’d forced their way into the apartment, easily outnumbering the two men — but they hadn’t counted on the dog.

And the dog took care of them all, even though it meant losing his life.

“The victim’s dog chased the suspects out of the apartment before anything was taken and continued to chase the suspects,” a spokesperson with the Chesterfield Police confirmed. “As the suspects fled, a gunshot was fired outside of the apartment which struck and killed the victim’s dog.”

Grieved over the loss of their companion, Keener and Grimes described their pup with fondness.

“Cross eyed, walked into walls — you could hold a treat this way and he’d look that way,. I don’t know how to put it. Zeus was family. He was real family,” Keener said. “I just want to know why they did it.”

“He liked to fight, so we would all play fight with him,” Grimes added. “He wouldn’t stop. It doesn’t matter, you could push him away, he’d come back.”

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One woman who also lived in the apartment complex was upset to hear of the incident the next morning.

“It’s especially bothering to hear that they hurt the dog,” she said. “Another incident where someone want to injure a dog. My heart goes out to the family. I’m really sorry that this had to happen to them.”

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